Explore Scientific Twilight 1 Alt-Az Mount with Heavy Duty Tripod

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  • Explore Scientific Twilight 1 Alt-Az Mount with Heavy Duty Tripod

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    • Weight Capacity: 15-pounds
    • Allows quick and easy viewing with small or mid-sized telescopes.
    • Chrome-plated steel tripod has adjustable legs and a wide footprint of 42 inches.
    • Simple and easy to use, but heavy duty stability


    Explore Scientific Twilight 1 Alt-Az Mount with Heavy Duty Tripod

    The Twilight 1 Alt-Az Mount with Heavy Duty Tripod by Explore Scientific:

    Sometimes you want your telescope, and you want it now! If you are lucky enough to own a big equatorial mount and a large aperture optical tube assembly, that isn't easy to do unless you have it all ready to go in an observatory. However, if you have a nice, medium-sized refractor and an uncomplicated alt-azimuth mount at the ready, then it is easy to get outside and begin observing in just a few minutes. That can be a real benefit on lots of occasions, whether the moon beckons or a comet is hanging near the horizon, threatening to set into the west while you are still getting your 12-inch OTA out of its case! Enter the Explore Scientific Twilight Mount!

    Explore Scientific Twilight 1 Alt-Az Mount with Heavy Duty Tripod:

    The Twilight I is a light-to-medium-duty alt-azimuth mount and tripod designed to quickly and easily accept small to medium sized refractors, such as the Explore Scientific AR102 or Carbon Fiber 102 mm, and of course, the 80 mm. Lightweight, fast Newtonian telescopes will also match up nicely with the Explore Twilight I mount. As long as your telescope does not exceed 15 pounds, you are good to go.

    The Twilight I alt-azimuth mount head is made of powder-coated aluminum and there are worm gears on both axes. The adjustable angle head can be tilted forward or back at a 45-degree angle, or you can point it straight up for viewing at the zenith. Slow motion control cables are attached on the vertical and horizontal axes and are easy to turn during the night, even with gloves on, due to the over-sized knurled knobs that are attached to the end of each cable. A small wrench is included with this package, and is stored in the fork arm and held in place with a magnet. If you need to make quick adjustments to your mount, it is a snap to access the wrench and then store it safely away when done. It is a small thing, but an adjustment wrench is one less tool you will need to remember to bring with you on observing sessions!

    The chrome-plated steel tripod that comes standard with the Twilight I mount has adjustable legs and a wide footprint of 42 inches, which makes the tripod more stable. A spreader bar locks against the inside of the legs to secure the tripod even further and keep vibrations to a minimum.

    Explore Scientific Twilight 1 Alt-Az Mount with Heavy Duty Tripod Specifications:

    • Tripod fully collapsed, no mount head: 29.5-inch
    • Tripod fully collapsed with mount head: 42-inch
    • Tripod open, retracted legs, no mount head: 25-inch
    • Tripod open, retracted legs with the mount head: 38.5-inch at highest point, 36-inch to the center of the mounting bracket.
    • Tripod open, legs fully extended, no mount head: 42-inch
    • Tripod open, legs fully extended with the mount head: 55.5-inch at highest point, 53-inch to the center of the mounting bracket.
    • Mount head dimensions: 14 x 7 x 4-inches
    • Foot print: 42-inches
    • Tripod weight: 11-pounds
    • Mount head weight: 6.6-pounds
    • Total weight: 16.7-pounds


    OPT Product Number: ES-MAZ01-00 


    Additional Information

    ManufacturerExplore Scientific
    Mount DesignAlt Azimuth
    Mount TypeManual Equatorial
    Tracking ModesAlt Azimuth
    WarrantyLifetime Warranty
    Weight Capacity15 lbs.
    • Explore Scientific Twilight 1 Alt-Az Mount
    • Heavy Duty Tripod



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    • Is this compatible with Vixen-style dovetail bars? The specifications are vague.

      Yes, the Twilight mount has a female Vixen clamp that is compatible with nearly any Vixen-style bars longer than 6". Some of the shorter V-style bars do not sit flush in the saddle, but pretty much all of the longer ones do.

    • How accurate is the load limit of 15lbs?  I'm thinking of buying a 15.4lbs scope and was wondering if it would be too much?

      Right at the Explore Scientific site: http://explorescientificusa.com/collections/twilight-i/products/twilight-1-mount?variant=598477209 They specify: " Light weight, fast Newtonians will also match up nicely with the Explore Twilight I mount. As long a

    • Will the Lunt Engineering 70mm f/6 with its Vixen dovetail work well on this mount, or is it too short?

      A 70mm f/6 scope will work very well with this mount, although the short dovetail may make balancing a challenge if you use large 2" eyepieces.

    • Hello, I have a small F/3 newt scope with a camera shoe on it. Would this mount work for me. ? Really like the mount.!!

      Tom, Could you send me pictures of tube you have? If it's a small enough scope, like a 6-inch, it should be fine, You would need to get a vixen-style plate to fit into the shoe on he mount. If you could give me a little more and send it to me at steve

    • I’m looking for a mount to include mounting accessories for my grandfather’s refractor telescope. The telescope's tube is 125mm in diameter and 610mm in length, the telescope ways 20lbs. Which mount would you recommend for this, and which accessories wil

      Joseph, I need to know if the telescope has a dovetail plate on it which would fit into one of our mounts. A mount like the Twilight II needs a vixen style dovetail to attach to the mount.. If it doesn't, we might need to get mounting rings. I would s

    • Will this work with the Lunt 50mm solar scope?

      Hey Anthony, yes this mount will work with your Lunt 50mm. Let us know if you have any questions!

    • I have a new SkyWatcher 127 Mak-Cass, with the dovetail bar on the underside. If I mount it on the twilight, it will sit in a very awkward position with the finder facing downward, on the lower left and the focuser will be located on top. Can this be adap

      The only options I see that might work for rotating the OTA by 90 degrees are by using an L bracket like this: https://www.optcorp.com/vixen-universal-plate-for-vixen-porta-mount-38011.html. Other than that, you might try switching the slow mothin contro

    • Is it reversible? That is, does the top swing over both ways to accommodate scopes with rails on either side?

      You can adjust the angle of the arm to swing either direction and you can reverse the slow motion cables as well. This will allow the scope to be placed on either side of the mount.

    • How thick are the tripod legs?

      The upper section of the tripod legs are approximately 1.5" in diameter.

    • Can I reuse this mount head only to my 2 inch diameter Bresser Exos 2 mount tripod, and then will its capacity increase?

      Not really. The Twilight 1's weight limitation has more to do with the size and cross-section of the single arm and not on the tripod diameter. A larger tripod would dampen vibrations better.