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Explore Scientific 8x50 Illuminated Finder Scope - Straight Thru

SKU : ES-VFEI0850-01

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  • Aperture: 50mm
  • Magnification: 8x
  • AFOV: 60 Degrees
  • Illuminated eyepiece with reticle for easier use

Product Details

  • The illuminated reticle of the Explore 8x50 Viewfinder with its scale markings and open center not only helps you center objects precisely but gives a reference of the exact field of view in degrees. The deep red illumination is continuously variable to provide the desired brightness. The Explore Scientific 8x50 produces a wide 60-degree field of view and allows the precision focus of both main objective and the eyepiece illuminated reticle. A precision polished roof prism produces images that are right-side-up, left-to-right correct. In other words, things are not upside-down and backward like most viewfinders.

    The illuminated reticle is truly designed for finding objects with its open center (so you don't mask the object you are centering with crosshairs) and scale markings for 1.5 inches, inches, and 4.5 inches (the edge of the field of view is the 60-degree boundary). The 60-degree apparent field, long eye-relief eyepiece produces a bright 6.25mm exit pupil and will allow you to find faint galaxies, comets, and nebulae. All optics are fully multicoated to ensure maximum contrast and are part of a Dual-Ring, Six-Point, Bracket with Quick Release Shoe. At long last... A finderscope that doesn't treat its owner like we're not capable of finding what we're looking for!

  • specifications

    Free ShippingYes
    WarrantyLifetime Warranty
  • included items

    • Explore Scientific Illuminated 8x50 Finder Scope
    • Dust Caps
    • Dual-Ring, Six-Point, Bracket

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    United States
    Finder Scope

    It was well packed. Simple to attach and align to the telescope.

    Explore Scientific 8x50 finderf

    This is a great finder. Easy to use due to the erecting prism (when moving the telescope to the left the stars move to the right). I really like the cross hair patern. However, I had to fabricate a "base" out of 3/8" aluminum plate to get it to "mate" with the Orion dovetail base that mounts on my C-11HD. Most my friend can saw, drill, counter-sink and tap 3/8" aluminum..

    good finder

    I obtained mine with my 127 mm Explorer triplet OTA. The quality was fine and having a correct image orientation makes use easier. The illuminator is a little cheap and I replaced it with a Stellarvue; likewise the brackets had very little wriggle-room, so I put on a pair with more spacing between their inner surface and the finder - more room for adjustment. So it took at little tinkering, but I still prefer it over the competition.

    A much better finder then OEM for my scope

    I recently purchased a new Celestron 11 Edge HD and used the finder that came with it a few times before I added this finder that was bundled with the E.S. 102mm TED Guide/Astro scope. I thought the finder would be redundent with my existing unit. What A Difference! The Celestron finder can stay in its box now as this E.S. finder made a surprisingly large improvement in my overall scope-use satisfaction. Yes, you really do need to focus at least once to get a sharp image - that seemed like a strange complaint above. The reticle seems to be fine quality for a finder too - If I wanted to measure double star separation I would by a reticle eyepiece for the big scope that costs more than the whole finder assembly does. I also do not understand the battery complaint as it seems dead easy to change them. I have already recommended it to a friend who also just got a new HD scope - and was complaining about the stock finder.

    Good, but not perfect.

    Chris Partsenidis review above is basically spot on (if a bit too negative except that I suspect he needs to adjust the focus. It can be WAY out as shipped and need adjustment. I experienced the same problems as he described with supplied illuminator. It's low quality for sure. It also doesn't permit much actual intensity adjustment. I replaced it with a Rigel Systems PulseGuide Illuminator (also purchased from OPT.

    Steve m.
    Very good equipment

    I found this finder clear and sharp. The target display is crisp and useful with the centering circle. Built to a high standard, and looks great on my Planewave. The lumination device failed, but was immediately replaced. Good service and a good product. No complaints.