Explore Scientific 2" H-Beta Narrowband Filter

  • Wavelength: H-Beta
  • Applications: Suitable for imaging or visual use
  • Filter Size: 2"
  • Excellent for narrowband imaging or light pollution denial
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Explore Scientific 2" H-Beta Narrowband Filter

Light pollution is a problem that plagues any astronomer living in or near a large city, and is even a hassle for those who live in smaller towns. There are two ways to avoid light pollution, and it's not always convenient to take a trip into the middle of nowhere. For those situations, we recommend Explore Scientific's new 2" H-Beta Narrowband filter! Light pollution is caused by the extreme amounts of artificial light present in most any city or town in the modern world, and it drastically reduces the visibility of almost all night sky objects in some way or another, depending on the severity in your region. However, filters like this one can make it possible to pierce the haze caused by light pollution to behold whole segments of the night sky usually invisible in any suburban area.   

This filter makes that possible by blocking out almost all wavelengths of light save the Hydrogen Beta wavelengths that are emitted by certain nebula. As the filter only accepts the specific wavelength that has been proven to be linked to those Nebula, the artificial light of light pollution is blocked utterly. At the same time, this same mechanism makes stunning nebulae visible in places that before may have just seemed to be empty stretches of sky!

OPT Product Number: ES-310230


Filter TypeH Beta
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