Explore Scientific 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian- F/4.5

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  • Explore Scientific 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian- F/4.5

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    • Aperture: 406 mm (16")
    • Focal Ratio: f/4.5
    • Focal Length: 1827mm
    • Excellent visual powerhouse at a great value

    Explore Scientific 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian- F/4.5

    The Dobsonian. The ideal scope for visual astronomy, the scope that opened the broad vistas of the deep, dark skies to the common man, the telescope that changed the hobby and opened it wide to the world. This is Explore Scientifics latest iteration of this legacy, of this style, of this fine design. Explore Scientifics 16" Dobsonian with an F/4.5 F-Ratio is an exemplary instance of the Dobsonian optical design, beautifully showcasing the traits that have kept this style of scope possible for so long since its revolutionary introduction in the past, when it was invented to provide a more affordable alternative to complex Schmidt Cassegrain scopes that required considerable wealth to afford. These scopes provide an excellent ratio of 'Light for your Money', or 'Bang for your Buck' as it might be called elsewhere.

    So we've established the efficiency of this design, its legacy of quality, and the revolutionary nature of its initial introduction- but what about this scope in particular, right? What's the Explore Scientific 16" got to offer you? Here at OPT, we think it stands to offer quite a bit! This high quality scope promises to be an ideal workhorse for deep sky observation, providing a 406mm mirror capable of collecting more than 2400 times the light the naked eye is capable of on its own! What does that mean for you? It means that even an inexperienced observer will be able to make out details on planets within our solar system and deep sky object. Bright star clusters are resolved to the core, and the sight of the terminator on the moon is an unforgettable experience.

    So go on; treat yourself to something special, and bring yourself closer to the cosmos through the stunning optics of Explore Scientific's 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian! Take your visual astronomy to the next level, and lose yourself in the beauty of the stars above at night- go on! You'll thank us.

    Additional Information

    Aperture406 mm (16")
    Focal Length1827mm
    Focal Ratiof/4.5
    ManufacturerExplore Scientific
    • 2" focuser with helical gearing and 10:1 reduction
    • LED Red Dot Finder
    • Collimation assist tool
    • Soft light baffle
    • Two radial main mirror fan for fast temperature equilibrium.

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Are there any additional accessories available ( shrouded, counter weighs)

      Yes. The only accessory available at the moment for the Explore Scientific Dobs are a counterweight set. It comes with a 14mm counterweight shaft and two 2.5lb counterweights.

    • Are these made with GSO mirrors?

      It is highly likely, but the mirrors could also be made by Synta or JOC. Explore Scientific does not state the manufacturer of the mirrors.

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