Denkmeier 2" Power Switch S2D Dielectric Diagonal - SCT & Binoviewers

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Denkmeier 2" Power Switch S2D Dielectric Diagonal - SCT & Binoviewers

Allows Binoviewers to be used in SCTs for instant normal, reduction and multiplication factors. Single eyepieces can also be used with #S2 though the reduction and multiplication factors are lowered unless the eyepiece is withdrawn outward from the star diagonal. See the Power x Switch Star Diagonal Manual located to the left under "Additional Photos and Articles" and read about #S2 for all of the specific operating instructions and other details. The Denkmeier 2" Power X Switch Dielectric Diagonal features improved 99% reflective mirror coatings.

Load And Go...

With #S2, the Power x Switch is an integrated device so your Denk does not need a Power x Switch attached to it. Your binoviewer or single eyepieces can be swapped at any time and the Power x Switch stays in the diagonal. Denk includes an SCT thread-on visual back adapter with #S2. For SCTs that are smaller than 10", be sure to select the "Shorty" version so that the fork base will be cleared when you want to observe near zenith. For the 8" LX90, choose this diagonal (instead of #S1) even if single eyepieces-only are to be used as this scope has less clearance than typical 8" SCTs.

Focal Reduction...

A special Dovetail Connector is also included for SCTs that may have less backfocus. Most SCTs tube assemblies vary in the amount of backfocus that they can deliver so it is impossible to predict with accuracy whether the focal reduction mode of #S2 will allow focus with a binoviewer. Almost all F/10 SCTs will reach focus without a problem, especially when the included Dovetail Connector is utilized. Reduction when using single eyepieces is a sure thing and requires much less backfocus.

Denkmeier Product Number: PSDS2D


Angle90 degree
Diagonal Barrel Size2"
Diagonal TypeStar Diagonal
Warranty1 Year Warranty