Denkmeier S1 Power Switch Dielectric Diagonal - SCTs

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Denkmeier S1 Power Switch Dielectric Diagonal - SCTs

Available with 97% Silver Enhanced coatings or 99% Dielectric Coatings, includes a 1.25" adapter for 1.25" eyepieces and also includes Denkmeier's special thread-on visual back for SCTs, aluminum plug and large 2" aluminum thread-on sealing cap for telescope-side tube. 100% compression fittings throughout. Choose the Shorty Version for use with SCTs that are smaller than 10" to allow extra clearance of the fork base. LX90 users should choose Power x Switch Star Diagonal #S2.

New Carbon Fiber Side Covers on all Dielectric Models...

The diagonal housings and mirrors are produced specifically for Denkmeier Optical by William Optics. The modular nature of the William Optics diagonal plus the outstanding attention to detail convinced Denk that a joint effort would result in a very amazing product. The mirrors on all Denkmeier Power x Switch Diagonals are figured to a Lamda/10 flatness and are 10mm thick.

The Power x Switch... The Power x Switches feature 2" format, fully multi-coated (FMC) optics that deliver sharp, contrasty images. The Power x Switches are machined here in the USA and assembled in the Denkmeier Maryland facility. They undergo rigorous quality control.

The Sky Is Yours...

Ever look at the Dumbell (M27) in an SCT with a focal reducer? Normal F/10 power? What about with a 2X Barlow? Move on to The Ring and M13. Care to do the same? We all know that threading a reducer on and off for every object is not realistic, especially when it starts getting cold... or when it's warm and the bugs are biting! Now you can and will examine every object at three magnifications because it is instant and easy.

Denmeier Product Number: PSDS1D

Customer Note: All Denk Power Switch Star Diagonals were compacted with the "armless" Power Switch Carrier design. Denkmeier introduced this more than one year ago! They are in the process of changing their manual photos. If you order any Power Switch Star Diagonal, you will receive the compact armless version.

Additional Information

Diagonal TypeStar Diagonal
Warranty1 Year Warranty

Questions & Answers

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  • Does this PSDD work with the single forked Celestron NexStar Evolution 9.25in ? Or should the S2 version be used?

    the S1 version should work as long as you have an SCT to 2" adapter to accept the diagonal's nosepiece. The tube on the Evolution 9.25" can be slid forward enough to allow this 2" diagonal to clear the base.

  • Is the focal reducer and barlow included in the diagonal or are they separate purchases?

    This Power X Switch diagonal includes the barlow and focal reducer lenses in the housing.

  • Is the focal reducer and barlow included in the diagonal or are they separate purchases?


  • Where it states: "...and a 65 degree apparent field of view..", does this mean that any eyepiece with a larger AFOV than 65* is 'vignetted' to 65?

    Not in this case. Denkmeier brand eyepieces have a 65 degree AFOV, so the advertising copy they wrote for the diagonal assumes you are using their eyepieces. You can use any brand of eyepieces with this diagonal.