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Denkmeier Power Switch R2 Dielectric Diagonal - 2"


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Product Details

  • Denkmeier 2" R2D - Refractors and Binoviewers

    Denkmeier Optical, Inc. presents a new breed of patent pending Power x Switch Star Diagonals. The 2" format, precision-machined aluminum diagonal housings are made especially for them by William Optics LTD. The diagonals are available with a choice of 97% reflective enhanced silver coatings or 99.4% dielectric coatings. Choose either type when adding a diagonal to your shopping cart. The mirrors are 10mm thick and flat to 1/10th wave. All Power x Switches are made in America. Denkmeier carefully assemble each system in their Ocean City, MD facility. Diagonal mirrors are carefully checked with our laser collimator resulting in superior alignment and sharp images. All versions of the Power x Switch Diagonals feature compression ring gripping in the 2" eyepiece holder and the 1.25" adapter. The SCT versions include a compression ring visual back that threads onto any SCT. The SCT versions are available with shorty telescope side diagonal tubes that work with our Shorty SCT visual back adapters to provide clearance when used in 8" SCTs. Power Switch R2 Dielectric Diagonal All Power x Switch optics are custom designed and feature our high efficiency broadband coatings, which are applied to all air-to-glass optical surfaces. All optical components contained in the Power x Switch assemblies have a clear aperture of 37mm and allow maximum illumination of even the most demanding 1.25" eyepieces used in a Denkmeier Binoviewer. For best performance, follow the eyepiece recommendations for focal reduction modes when used in SCTs . Available with 97% enhanced Silver coatings or the extremely durable 99.4% dielectric coatings (regular models models for silver coating). If properly cared for, the Silver enhanced diagonal should retain outstanding reflectivity for years and the mirror is easily removed for re-coating, available from several coating services. #R2 provides excellent versatility allowing a binoviewer to move through up to 6 different magnifications with a low 1.3X power factor to a high power of 3.4X and 4 magnifications in between. This is because it includes two Power x Switches: one on each side of the diagonal housing. Slide out the binoviewer and slide in a single eyepiece and move through 7 magnifications ranging from .75X reduction to 2.3X multiplication. This diagonal can also be used for F/10 SCTs allowing focal reduction normal and 2X with binoviewers and single eyepieces. The total range of focuser movement required is greater than that of #R1. See the focus-travel specifications in the "Images/Articles" section to the left showing the additional in-travel and out-travel required in comparison to using a single eyepiece with a 2" star diagonal in a refractor. The Dovetail Connector is included. After measuring the amount of in-travel remaining in your refractor when a single eyepiece has been brought to focus (using a typical 2" star diagonal + 1.25" adapter), the amounts of additional focuser in/out travel required when using the various magnification modes of #R1 and #R2 are listed on the magnification charts. When used, the included Dovetail Connector changes the focus position. The Dovetail Connector allows the eyepiece holderof the Power Switch Star Diagonal to be removed and a Denk Binoviewer can then be attached in seconds, directly to the Power x Switch Diagonal housing, bypassing the 2" eyepiece holder. No tools are required. This not only makes focus possible for SCTs that otherwise might not reach focus in the reduction mode when using #S2, but also allows the telescope focuser position to be adjusted when using Refractors. While some other brands of binoviewers can be used with Denkmeier Power x Switch Star Diagonals, the Dovetail Connector is designed to fit our Denk Binoviewers only. Without use of the Dovetail Connector, some SCTs may not achieve focal reduction with a binoviewer. This is hard to predict as the back focus can vary between apparently identical tube assemblies. This is why the dovetail Connector is always provided with #S2, #R1 and #R2 and may have to be utilized with some SCTs for the purpose of reaching focus in focal reduction mode of the diagonal. With some Refractors, use of the Dovetail Connector is important if all magnification modes are to be accommodated by the travel range of the focuser mechanism when using the binoviewer. There is a section in the Power x Switch Star Diagonal Manual devoted to using the Dovetail Connector and it can be found in the "Articles" section to the left. Denkmeier Product Number: PSDR2D
  • specifications

    Angle90 degree
    Diagonal Barrel Size2"
    Diagonal TypeStar Diagonal
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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