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Discovery Digital Setting Circle Kit - No Tangent Box

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Discovery Digital Setting Circle Kit - No Tangent Box

Discovery Digital Setting Circle Kit - No Tangent Box

This is a Kit containing the encoders, mounting hardware, and cables for Discovery brand telescopes to be used with digital setting circles. It's perfect for use with any DSC computer you'd care to use, whether it's the SkyCommander the NGC Max! You may be wondering what it's for though, right?

Digital Setting Circle's are mostly a tool to replace star atlases and other, more cumbersome manual methods of locating stars. They work in a surprisingly straightforward and highly effective method to help you locate celestial objects of any kind. To each axis of the telescope is attached a gear that moves as the telescope turns. Each of two encoders will have a gear installed on its shaft. Correct installation requires the encoder be installed such that the gear on its shaft is aligned to mesh with the axial gear installed on the telescope. So, as the telescope turns in any of the four possible directions, then an encoder gear turns proportionately noting the direction of the shaft rotation and also the distance moved. This monitors and tracks your viewing co-ordinates, which is a big assist and saves you the hassle of doing so manually. They gather this information, and when hooked up to a DSC computer feed that information to said computer. That's when thing's start really happening.

The DSC computer takes in the information from the encoders, and uses it to help you locate the objects you are looking for. Whether it's stars or nebulae, you're only limited by the database of the computer you choose! Just point out two stars co-ordinates to use, and from there the DSC can triangulate any other object you want to view in it's database using the co-ordinate data from the Encoders. Now, there are a few steps to this before you can get started on this. When you initially install the encoders and whatever DSC computer you've chosen to use with them you'll have to configure things for your mount to get it ready, and then at the beginning of each session you'll need to 'index' to give the encoders and computer a general idea of their starting point. The Kit should come with instructions on how to do this as well as how to install it, but if not, or if you'd prefer hands on help, feel free to contact us for assistance in doing so, or ask about it when purchasing!

In a simple summary, a Digital Setting Circle setup makes things a lot easier without taking all the work out of it. You still have to manually move your mount and scope, the DSC just tells you where to move it to. It's that simple- you use a DSC set with a DSC computer to find the locations of various objects, then manually move your scope to hone in on those objects. It makes things a lot easier while preserving some measure of personal involvement- and is massively more cost effective than a complicated GoTo mount and setup when it comes to larger, harder to move mounts and telescopes! While it's not as simple to use as a GoTo, it's a lot cheaper.

Manufacturer Product Number: 0385-NT