Diffraction LTD. Boltwood Cloud Sensor II - Fixed Observatory 100Ft

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Diffraction LTD. Boltwood Cloud Sensor II - Fixed Observatory 100Ft

The Boltwood Cloud Sensor II from Diffraction Ltd. is an invaluable accessory for any astronomer who makes use of an automated observatory. It is designed to act as an attachment to your observatory that monitors the weather conditions in the region. It safeguards your equipment by controlling the observatory roof. The Boltwood Cloud Sensor II can measure the amount of cloud cover, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and daylight. You can configure the sensor to send a signal to your control computer to automatically close the roof when wind speed or moisture conditions are met.

Diffraction's Boltwood Cloud Sensor can tell precisely how cloudy the sky above is through the measurement of ground level temperature. It is also capable of discerning the difference between rain, snow, hail, and clear skies. It can detect wind speed and air pressure and determine at what level these will become dangerous for your equipment. It comes with Clarity II, Windows software, that is used to compile the data it gathers and remotely control the sensor. You may set the parameters that will cause your dome to close automatically, what parameters will cause alerts to be sent, and more. It will passively log all sensor information and graph it for later reference if you wish to monitor the trends in your observatory’s area. You may also choose whether alerts are visual, or sound based. The sensor unit will trigger an electrical contact closure when heavy clouds, high winds, or precipitation is detected. When connected to a dome or roof controller, this contact can be used to trigger closure even if the computer is not operating. This provides a 'last line of defense' against damage to your observatory equipment. The thresholds for roof closure are set through the Clarity software.

The sensor is provided with a 100-foot long cable for installation purposes. This permits a large degree of flexibility in terms of installation. It includes a mounting bracket, universal AC power supply, adapter box, USB cable, protective cover, and the software mentioned above.