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Daystar Camera Quark -Nikon - Chromosphere


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  • This Chromosphere variant is optimized for viewing the surface of the sun in maximum detail, while the Prominence filter is optimized for capturing a wide range of solar prominences

Daystar Instruments CAMERA QUARK is the first Hydrogen Alpha filter for your SLR Camera! CHROMOSPHERE MODEL - for NIKON

Product Details

  • Daystar Camera Quark - for -Nikon - Chromosphere: 


    Comes in Cannon or Nikon / Chromosphere or Prominence!

    Daystar has done it again, providing a series of highly effective and efficient filters for use with your Cannon or Nikon SLR or DSLR cameras! This Quark utilizes an 'All in One' design that efficiently combines the highest quality components and the purposes of a telecentric Barlow, adapters, snouts and Daystar hydrogen alpha filter into one simple camera lens assembly. This marvel of efficiency and optimization allows you to experience the known high quality optics of Daystar on an ordinary telephoto camera lens.

    Depending on which option you choose, this remarkable Quark can be used with either a Cannon or Nikon SLR lens to transform your camera into a Hydrogen Alpha Telescope, perfect for imaging a wide variety of Solar Phenomena in stunning color- from prominence flares to an Eclipse like the one in August of 2017! You can use the zoom features of a camera lens to explore wide field to high power views without changing your set-up or telescope configuration- making solar imaging a breeze when using this Quark! Safe and convenient, this is truly an exemplary choice for anyone looking to take their Nikon or Cannon photography to the next level, and capture the star that gives us all warmth and life in photographic immortality.

    Depending on your imaging goals, there are two variants for each type of Camera; Chromosphere or Prominence. Each is of a different bandwidth, optimized for a different kind of solar viewing. Neither is better or worse than the other, merely optimized for a different purpose and goal. The Chromosphere variant is optimized for viewing the surface of the sun in maximum detail, using a narrower filter bandwidth to provide greater detail and definition of the suns surface. Meanwhile the Prominence filter is optimized for the very target it is named after; it is perfect for capturing a wide range of solar prominence's- due to variable speed and mass also come in a variable range of wavelength. The Prominence filter uses a wider bandwidth to capture more solar prominence's of a wide variety, and sacrifices surface detail for this goal.

    Owners can view using their SLR or DSLR camera or an eyepiece. The Camera Quark accepts all of the universal Quark accessories so it may be used as a telescope with an eyepiece. Plus, you can use the zoom features of your camera lens to explore wide field to high power views without changing set-up or telescope configuration.The patent pending Quark contains a custom Daystar Instruments 4.2X telecentric Barlow teleconverter lens which has been fully optimized in coatings and optical design specifically for the Hydrogen Alpha wavelength. This highly specialized telecentric lens offers superior field flatness, and the fully optimized design eliminates the need for any adapters. It's all combined in one lightweight device. As an added bonus, due to improved efficiency and design, the Quark can now operate all day with an optional and small palm-sized battery pack.


    OPT Product Number Selections:

    This is a ---> Nikon   Chromosphere  #DF-DSZTNC 

    Others are:

    - Nikon   Prominence       #DF-DSZTNP
    - Canon  Chromosphere  #DF-DSZTCC
    - Canon  Prominence       #DF-SDZTCP 



  • specifications

  • included items

    • DayStar Quark
    • Camera adapter
    • 90-240V AC wall adapter
    • Lens foot with 1/4-20 tripod holes and standard V-style dovetail mount
    • Focal extender spacer ring
    • Telecentric 4.2x teleconverter (Barlow) optimized for 656nm


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