Deluxe Telescope Maintenance Bundle with Working Mat

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  • Radian Telescopes Workbench Mat - pictured telescope not included
  • TPO Dust Cleaning Bulbs - Mini and Long Tube
  • Universal Astro Telescope Optics Cleaning Kit
  • Radian Telescope Polishing Cloth
  • Universal Astro Rubber Strap Wrench
  • Universal Astro Spanner Wrench
  • Universal Astro Allen Key Set
  • Universal Astro Digital Caliper
  • Universal Astro Lens Cleaning Pen

Product Details

  • Designed for Astrophotographers

    The Deluxe Telescope Maintenance Bundle with Working Mat comes with everything astrophotographers need to maintain your telescope rig to get the best performance out of your astrophotography images. This kit comes with a number of helpful accessories for imaging, including:

    • Radian Telescopes Workbench Mat gives you a clean, dust-free working environment for maintaining your telescope, camera, and other astrophotography accessories
    • TPO Dust Cleaning Bulbs - Mini and Long Tube for cleaning dust off your telescope's optics and in your imaging train, such as on your camera sensor, without needing to touch delicate equipment
    • Universal Astro Telescope Optics Cleaning Kit which is designed specifically to clean lenses, so think of camera lenses, refractor telescopes, corrector plates on SCT or Mak-Cass telescopes, binoculars, and eyepieces. (Do not use this kit to clean telescopes with reflective mirrors like a Newtonian, Ritchey-Chretien or SCT primary mirror, as you will damage the reflective coatings on the mirrors)

    • Radian Telescope Polishing Cloth keeps your telescope OTA and optical surfaces clean

    • Universal Astro Rubber Strap Wrench is the perfect tool for unthreading stuck astrophotography accessories like spacers and other equipment

    • Universal Astro Spanner Wrench lets you get a grip when your fingers can't by spanning small gaps, which is ideal for removing filters without risking getting fingerprints on them
    • Universal Astro Allen Key Set comes with both metric and imperial sized Allen Keys (hex keys) for adjusting everything from your telescope's collimation to tightening equipment in place
    • Universal Astro Digital Caliper not only helps you nail the precise back focus distance, it can also measure thread sizes on your existing gear so you can easily figure out which accessories to buy that will fit
    • Universal Astro Lens Cleaning Pen is perfect for cleaning camera lenses, filters, and other glass lens surfaces from fingerprints and difficult dust specs that won't come off with an air blower


    Radian Telescopes Workbench Mat

    The Radian Telescopes Workbench Mat is an excellent addition to any astronomer's workspace. Made from quality materials, you'll find convenience in the tool holding sections and magnetic component areas.

    The material is 5mm thick and sits at 30x25 inches (76x63.5cm).

    • Keep your workspace neat and secure with this workbench mat from Radian Telescopes!
    • Includes holders for mini screwdrivers to keep them in your workspace and not on the floor.
    • Heat resistant material.
    • Dimensions: 30x25
    • Thickness: 5mm
    • Pictured telescope not included.

    TPO Dust Cleaning Bulbs - Mini and Long Tube

    Dust and smudges are common in the astronomy hobby. Glassware and mirrors are commonplace with most major pieces of equipment. With these dust cleaning bulbs, you can quickly and easily clear your gear of any unsightly debris.

    • Gently removes dust from delicate gear like filters, eyepieces, and telescope optics
    • quick and easy to use

    Universal Astro Telescope Optics Cleaning Kit

    This product is only for refractive elements (lenses), such as lenses in refractor telescopes, front corrector plates on SCT and Maksutov telescopes, eyepieces, camera lenses, diagonals, and binoculars. This product should NOT be used on the primary or secondary mirrors of telescopes.

    Radian Telescope Polishing Cloth

    Keep your telescope glass or mirrors spotless with the Radian Telescope Polishing Cloth. This soft cloth is 18x15 inches in size. 

    • Clean your delicate telescope optics, eyepieces, or other astro gear with this soft polishing cloth
    • 18x15 inches in size

    Universal Astro Rubber Strap Wrench

    The Universal Astro Strap Wrench features a rubber strap that lets you get a grip when two astronomy accessories are stuck together. The high-quality rubber can grab onto smooth metal surfaces like anodized aluminum, which is commonly used in astronomy accessories. By tightening the rubber ring around your stuck accessory, you can then grip the handle with one hand and twist one accessory while holding the other accessory with your other hand. This will let you unthread two stuck accessories, including:

    • Field Flatteners
    • Focal Reducers
    • Reducer/Flatteners
    • Coma Correctors
    • Off-Axis Guiders
    • Camera Adapters
    • Back Focus Spacers
    • Filter Drawers
    • & much more

    Universal Astro Spanner Wrench

    The Universal Astro Spanner Wrench is a specialized tool that is perfect for removing filters and other threaded accessories that are stuck together. It works by allowing you to get a grip on filters and other accessories on your telescope when your fingers and other tools can't.

    The Universal Astro Spanner Wrench features two different sided ends: one with flat tips, and one with pointed tips, so no matter what is stuck, you'll have the ability to remove it.

    Simply take the spanner wrench and spread either the flat or pointed tips apart between the edges of the filter or accessory, and then tighten down the knurled thumbscrews. Making sure there is tension between the edges, simply rotate the entire wrench counter-clockwise, and your accessories will become un-stuck.

    The Universal Astro Spanner Wrench is made of high-quality antimagnetic stainless steel to guarantee safety with handling electronics and is sturdy to use. 

    • 6 screw holes and 4 screw locking design

    Universal Astro Allen Key Set

    The intricacy of the astronomy hobby often requires a multitude of precise tools and adjustments, so having most of those tools in one place is always welcome.

    Enjoy the convenience of having all Allen wrench sizes in one compact and secure case with Universal Astro's Allen Key Set. Just keep this packed up with the rest of your standard astro gear and you'll never be hurting when needed those minute, on-the-fly adjustments.

    Universal Astro Digital Caliper

    Made from high-quality materials and precision-engineered for delicate measurements, the Universal Astro Digital Caliper provides quick and reliable utility in a hobby that demands accuracy. Measure inner and outer diameters, depth, and steps with this handy little tool!

    The crisp LED display can be swapped between an inch or millimeter notation depending on preference or necessity. Also surrounding the display screen are the buttons to zero out the measurement screen and the on/off button.

    The ruler and measuring pieces themselves are crafted from stainless steel and are chrome plated for a sheen look accented by clean measurement lines. On top of this, a micro pully knob is attached to the device to allow for even the most delicate adjustments. No more guessing when it comes to your extremely specific adapters!

    • When fully retracted, the Digital Caliper is 9.25" in length and 3" in width.
    • Convenient unit conversion table on the backside.

    Universal Astro Lens Cleaning Pen

    The Universal Astro Lens Cleaning Pen can be used on all optical lenses, LCD displays, or glass surfaces. It is very safe for such optical lenses, including multilayer-coated surfaces. Its ability to remove oily fingerprints and dust is more effective than any cleaning tool. The pen body and head are made of high-strength wear-resistant material and the brush is made of horsetail hair, which can effectively clean and protect the camera at the same time. It adopts a unique cleaning mixture, no leakage, no air-drying, environmental protection, easy to carry, high-quality, and freely retractable cleaning brush.

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