Deep-Sky Wonders Hardcover - NOT AVAILABLE -

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Deep-Sky Wonders Hardcover - NOT AVAILABLE -

Deep Sky Wonders

Astronomy writer Sue French has earned a passionate following among backyard enthusiasts with her accessible, informative monthly columns in Sky & Telescope magazine. Deep-Sky Wonders is a welcome expansion of the winning format of her best-selling booking Celestial Sampler. Organized by season, this new collection offers readers 100 in-depth tours of the deep sky and a range of challenging objects that will encourage observers to test the limits of their equipment and skills.

Deep-Sky Wonders also includes:



  • Hundreds of full-color images
  • Descriptions of double and variable stars, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and exotics
  • Engaging historical and scientific background
  • A tabular listing of the deep-sky sights
  • Color sky charts for each column
  • All-sky star maps for each month of the year
  • A complete index of featured deep-sky objects




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