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DayStar Sodium Quark Filter In D-Line


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Product Details

  • The Daystar Instruments Sodium D-line QUARK brings the Original Quark in HA along the light scale to the Sodium D-Line. For use on refractors of F/4 to F/8 focal ratio refractors. 

    This All-In-One design marries high-quality components of adapters, snouts, and a Daystar Sodium filter into one simple assembly. Through design efficiency and optimization, now users can enjoy the known high-quality optics of Daystar at an affordable price.

    Why Sodium D-line?

    • Sodium will give high-resolution sunspot detail, plague, granulation, and possibly the super-granulation depending on resolution and seeing of the observer.
    • Sodium can also show flare footprints, also known as flare kernels (that is- a flare will begin and emit light in Sodium at the 2 ends first, before erupting in white light).
    • The line is brighter than both Calcium and even Hydrogen-Alpha. So it's going to be very easy for observers to see and the exposures will be very short.
    • See the D2-line at 5890nm.
    • Sodium D-line Quarks will have a wavelength of 0.5nm or narrower.


    - For use on F4 - F/8 focal ratio refractors, the user needn't worry about configurations. Just insert in your diagonal, add an eyepiece and view.

    - Exact filter bandpass will vary based on final telescope application. No specific FWHM bandpass is designated, but it will be around 0.5Å or lower. The fully optimized design eliminates the need for any adapters. It's all combined in one lightweight eyepiece sized device.

    - The new, compact design configuration eliminates unnecessary components, weight, and associated costs. We even reduced power consumption, so the Quark can now operate all day off a small, palm-sized optional battery pack.

    - Compatible with yellow glass ERFs offered by Daystar. Red glass ERF filters will not pass Sodium. Daystar also recommends use with a UV/IR cut filter for safety.

    - Users need to purchase an Energy Rejection Filter specific to their telescope for safe operation.

    - Baffles have been added to increase contrast and AR coatings are optimized for the 589nm wavelength. We even reduced power consumption, so the Quark can now operate all day off an optional small, palm-sized battery pack.

  • 10-year warranty - GUARANTEE: Used as directed, your DayStar filter is guaranteed for ten years as stated on warranty document included in the product shipment. Should the filter become inoperative due to optical or mechanical failure, we will repair the filter or replace it with an equivalent filter at no repair cost to the customer. Please note DayStar's Advance Replacement Policy on their warranty document.  
  • +Photo Credit: Photo by Greg Swaim. Short lived solar flare flashes in Na D line. DayStar Filters 0.4Å Sodium D line filter.

    *The QUARK* assembly is a product of DayStar Instruments, using DayStar Filters' Fabry Perot etalon technology.

    ** Exceptionally high demand has currently created a wait-listed order situation. Pre-release reservations exceed current batch sizes.


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