DayStar Scout 60 mm Solar Telescope Prominence

  • Observe Eruptive Prominences on the Solar Surface and Flares!
  • Explore Views of the Sun Safely and Track its Changing Activity.
  • 16 mm Clear Aperture. 
  • Focal Ratio: f/15.5. 
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DayStar Scout 60 mm Solar Telescope Prominence

The DayStar Scout 60 mm Solar Telescope is a dedicated H-Alpha refractor that offers prime solar quality at a great price. Enjoy hours of visual and educational insights of the Sun!

Features of the DayStar Scout 60 mm Solar Telescope

  • 930 mm effective focal length.
  • Carbon fiber optical tube.
  • Robust and precision accuracy: helical front-focus can't slip and does not turn the eyepiece.
  • Solar bullet finder projects safely onto a white screen.
  • 16 mm clear eyepiece aperture.
  • Swap filter(s) for different bandpass views.
  • Adaptable for 2-inch or camera mount/views.
  • Always on-band with USB power, 5v 1.5amp.
  • 110-240vac wall adapter.
  • Tuning knob allows wing shifting plus or minus 0.5å.
  • Led indicator for power, warming, ready, fault.
  • 5-year warranty.



Aperture60 mm (2.25")
Focal Length930 mm
Focal Ratiof/15.5
Optical DesignDoublet
Telescope ConnectionVixen Style


  • Quality Achromat Doublet 60 mm refractor.
  • Carbon Fiber Solar Telescope.
  • Helical Front-end Focus with fine precision.
  • Choose Prom or Chrom model at no extra cost.
  • Environmental Hard Case.
  • Interchangeable Daystar Quark (2-inch eyepieces and camera T-adapters require additional, user-supplied accessories).
  • 'Solar Bullet' finder.
  • Vixen/Photo style mounting foot.