DayStar 66m SolaREDi H-Alpha Solar Telescope - Chromosphere - Discontinued

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DayStar 66m SolaREDi H-Alpha Solar Telescope - Chromosphere - Discontinued

The DayStar 66 m SolaREDi H-Alpha Solar Chromosphere telescopes are an all in one design that incorporates a 2.3x telecentric Barlow lens for a superior flat field. The Barlow lens surfaces are coated specifically for H-Alpha solar observing so the Sun can be viewed in tack-sharp detail with gorgeous *natural color.

This Chromosphere model is geared to enhanced the surface details of the Sun; see each swirl and sunspot as the solar face shifts and changes from day to day, season to season.

Daystar also uses a unique USB powered tuner to adjust the interior etalon for the best possible viewing experience. An adjustment knob allows for 0.1 angstrom adjustments and localized heat either expands or contracts the etalon glass depending your adjustment.

This scope comes with everything you need to start observing. Just add an eyepiece of your choice and you are ready to go! It includes a hard carry case making it easy to travel with, a Vixen style dovetail for quick adaptation to your mount and solar finder.


OPT Product Number: DF-SOLAREDI66-C