DayStar 2" UV/IR Filter for Quark

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DayStar 2" UV/IR Filter for Quark

DayStar 2-Inch UV/IR Filter for Quark

This DayStar 2-Inch filter blocks out ultraviolet and infrared light and is the perfect option as a luminance filter for any type of digital photography. If you plan on doing any imaging, a UV/IR cut filter is essential for your collection. Due to its flawless blocking of UV and IR, this filter avoids all optical difficulties in these areas. Furthermore, it also prevents the heat from getting to your filter and diagonal. Corrected for systems with focal ratios in the f/0.5 - f/50 range. Transmission is typically above 99 percent.

OPT Product Number: DF-UVIR-2Q






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  • Is this filter stackable?

    Yes, you can stack this with other 2" filters, although you would need to stack this with a filter of another type in order for the stack to have an effect different than using the filters separately.