Custom Scientific "U" Standard Grade Filter - 50mm Round Unmounted

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  • Custom Scientific "U" Standard Grade Filter - 50mm Round Unmounted

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    Custom Scientific "U" Standard Grade Filter - 50mm Round Unmounted

    Custom Scientific is world-renowned for their custom and off-the-shelf optics and interference filters. Scientists and engineers on six continents rely on their expertise in optical system instrumentation for astronomy, microscopy, high-performance imaging and spectroscopy. Optical filters for imaging is a Custom Scientific specialty.

    Interference filters range from the vacuum UV, include the visible and encompass the far IR. Bandwidths can be as narrow as one Angstrom. The transmission spectrum for each filter is shipped with the filter as a graphical printout.

    All Custom Scientific astronomical filters have IR blocking "built-in" so IR light does not contaminate today's sensitive CCD detectors. When you use filters from Custom Scientific, you do not need any additional IR blocker filters. One exception is in the thickness-matched Clear filters which transmit all wavelengths from the UV to the far IR; they are clear, high-precision, optical windows designed to transmit all wavelengths of light without having to refocus when switching back to a color filter.

    Custom Scientific Product Number: CU-50U

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeColor
    Filter MountedUnmounted
    Filter Side Adapter SizeRound
    ManufacturerCustom Scientific
    WarrantyNot Supplied By Manufacturer

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