Coronado SolarMax II 60mm Etalon/ RichView Tuner Package

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Coronado SolarMax II 60mm Etalon/ RichView Tuner Package

Coronado by Meade SolarMax II 60 mm Double Stacking Etalon with RichView tuning system. 60 mm diameter primary H-alpha etalon filter. This add on filter reduces the normal bandwidth of a SolarMax 60 telescope or filter set from the single stack .7A performance to a more restrictive .5A, increasing visibility of surface detail and active regions on the Solar disc. MUST be combined with a primary SolarMax 60 filter and blocking filter or complete Coronado SolarMax 60 telescope.

Includes patented RichView tuning assembly allows direct tuning of the primary filter etalon. No other commercially available Ha telescope can provide the tuning range and accuracy of the SolarMax II. Now you can tune for the highest contrast views of active regions, filaments and surface detail, or quickly and easily re-tune for prominences on the solar limb.

Please note: this filter CANNOT be used as a stand alone solar filter. Immediate and irreversible eye damage may result.



Aperture60 mm (2.36")
Bandwidth<0.7A or <0.5A when used for double stacking
Blocking Filter Barrel Size1.25"
Emission LineH Alpha
Free ShippingYes
Tuner IncludedYes
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Wavelength<0.7 A


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  • i do have a Coupon number,do you give discount for that?and how much please?

    Good afternoon, if you join our Rewards program we would be happy to extend the Rewards discount on this telescope.

  • What is the thread size for the for the 60 mm? I would be putting this on a Borg 77m with a 77mm or 82mm thread size.

    The thread size for the 60mm Coronado filter is 3.25"-24 TPI, which is approximately M82.55x1.059 in metric threads. You would need a custom adapter to adapt this to the Borg 77, which we can quote you if you contact us by phone or e-mail. You will also

  • How much does the 60 mm etalon weight?

    Approximately 5 lbs.

  • Hi, Can I use this to double stack a CI-SMT60-15 that I recently bought from you ? Any adaptor needed ? Thanks

    Yes, this will attach to your Coronado SolarMax II 60 scope for double-stacking. This comes with everything needed to mount it with no additional parts needed.

  • hello.I have a solarmax 60 richview single stack. Is this item good for double stacking? Do I need an adapter?. What is the total price shipping to rome italy 00152?

    Yes, This will work with your Solarmax scope. You will not need any adapters to make it work.