Open Box Vixen Sphinx SXD2 EQ Mount w/Starbook 10 & Tripod - SOLD

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Accessories Added

  • This is an open box mount in "like new" condition
  • 50 pound load capacity
  • Brass worm gears and wheels for smooth tracking
  • Controlled by Starbook 10 with hi-def display


Open Box Vixen Sphinx SXD2 EQ Mount w/Starbook 10 & Tripod - SOLD

Vixen has reworked the design and manufacture of its innovative SXD Mount. The SXD2 Mount has a greater loading capacity and is more rigid, enabling a more steady platform for astrophotography. The quieter stepping motors ensure you of smooth, quiet slewing with quick response to commands.The Star Book Ten features an intuitive Star Chart Go-To System on a high definition LCD Screen. Features include night vision screen, hibernate mode, VPEC and PPEC, and even an optional built in auto-guider. Increased Loading Capacity: Both the RA and DEC axes are made of sturdy steel with brass wheel gears. This enables the mount to carry loads of up to 50 pounds (including counterweights) for astrophotography. Smooth R.A and DEC Movement: The inside of the Vixen Sphinx SXD2 is very different from the previous SX equatorial mounts. Bearings have been added to the shafts of the RA and DEC axes and the screw gear shafts. The worm screw gears are inspected for strict concentricity and are lapped in the whole-circle for smooth movement. Unique Mount Design: The Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Mount is designed so that the mount body acts as part of the counterweight system. Periodic Error Correction: Data from your PE correction input is saved for your next observing session. Polar Axis Scope: The Sphinx SXD2 Mount includes a built-in 6x20 polar axis scope. It has an 8 degree field of view, a bubble level, an illuminated reticle, and accuracy to within 3 minutes.
  • Time Graduation Circle: 10 Minute Increments
  • Date Graduation Circle: 2 Day Increments
  • Meridian Offset Circle: Adjustable between E20 and W20 in 5min increments
  • Northern Hemisphere: Polaris pattern with reticle (Applicable to year 2025)
  • Southern Hemisphere: Octantal 4 stars pattern with reticle
The Vixen Star Book Ten is the most advanced astronomical hand controller available and is recommended for anyone interested in exploring the night sky. This innovative hand controller offers astronomical navigation with a large full-color High Definition LCD screen! The color screen shows a detailed star chart that acts as a navigational and GOTO guide for the mount. This Sphinx SXD2 mount comes with the HALSX130 tripod. The HAL130SX tripod provides ample stability and has no wobble points in its design. The tripod has a large base to carry the Sphinx SXD2 mount, and the legs extend from 32" to 51" (81cm to 130cm). The Vixen HALSX130 tripod weighs 12 lb (5.5 kg)
Vixen Sphinx SXD2 German Equatorial Mount Specifications

It also comes with the Vixen Advanced Unit. This is an upgrade for your Vixen Starbook Ten- enhancing your auto-guiding capabilities notably! This unit allows you to view an image from a CCD camera, record or play back from an SD card and adjust the shutter exposure controls of a DSLR camera, while also functioning with a built in Auto-Guider! Video images by analog AV signal, can be displayed on the screen of the Starbook Ten. The video images can be recorded onto a memory card (sold separately). Remote shutter release control of a DSLR camera is also possible.

User's Instructions Here!

  • R.A. Slow Motion Axis: 180-tooth worm & wheel gears whole circle movement
  • DEC Slow Motion Axis: 180-tooth worm & wheel gears whole circle movement
  • R.A.Display: On screen Starbook Ten, 0.1 min increments
  • DEC Display: On screen Starbook Ten, 0.1 min increments
  • Polar Axis Scope: SX Polar Axis Scope (pre-installed)
  • Altitude Adjustment: 0 deg to 70 deg, separated by three zones for fine adjustment with tangent screws +/- 15 degrees
  • Telescope Controller: Star Book Ten, 1200x maximum slewing speed
  • Power Source: DC 12 volts, 0.4 to 1.7A
  • Power Connecting Terminal: DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class 4/li>
  • Maximum Loading Weight: 50 lb with Counterweights
  • Counterweight: 1.9 kg/ 4.2 lb ; 3.7kg/8 lb
  • Dimensions: 36 cm x 36 cm x 12 cm
  • Weight: 19.3 lb (without counterweights)


ConditionLike New
Controller TypeStarbook 10
Load Capacity50 lbs
Mount TypeEquatorial Go To
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


  • SXD2 EQ mount head
  • Starbook 10 controller
  • Sturdy HAL130 tripod
  • PL-F polar finder scope
  • All original packaging


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  • Would the Hotech SCA field flattener be a reasonable choice for this OTA for use with Fuji xt1dslr?

    This flattener will work, but you may need to use a slightly longer spacing than 55mm from flattener to sensor to correct for the steep f/6 light cone of your telescope. You may need to find a T adapter for your Fuji camera and then experiment with shims

  • Does this tripod and mount include the half pillar? Thanks.

    Hello, This package includes the Mount, Tripod and Hand Control. The half pillar could be the first accessory on the list! Thanks for asking.

  • I have skywatcher espirit 120mm APO refractor. Does this mount work with that telescope?

    Yes, The Skywatcher 120 Espirit is within the payload capacity of this mount. This scope and mount would be a great combination. You will need to get a vixen style dovetail bar to attached the scope to the mount. This is because the Skywatcher 120 Espirit

  • Hello! My name is Daniel, and I live in Brazil...I have a LX90 12" ACF and I would like to try this mount with the Meade OTA for´s possible? Which accessories (dovetail, rings, etc... ) would I have to buy in addition to this mount ?

    It will work, You will need to get The D- Style dovetail for your scope seen here: and the V to d adapter seen here:

  • Regarding the Vixen Sphinx SXD2 EQ Mount w/ Starbook 10 & Tripod: Has Vixen corrected the declination problem which the older SXD hand controller possessed? It made astrophotography nearly impossible. RA correction was instantaneous. Dec. correction

    Hello Gary, Thank you for your question. According to the manufacturer, the declination problem has been corrected on the Starbook 10 in relation to the older versions of the Starbook so you should have no problems there. there. I spoke to the manufact