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Used Tele Vue 2X Barlow - 1.25" - SOLD

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Accessories Added

  • This is a used Barlow in excellent condition*
  • Blackened lens edges and internal anti-reflection threading.
  • Parfocal for most TeleVue Plossl eyepieces.


Used Tele Vue 2X Barlow - 1.25" - SOLD

If you don't compromise optical quality when it comes to your telescope's eyepieces, why should you compromise with a barlow lens? Thanks to Televue's innovative 2-element design, now you can get superb sharpness that matches the performance of TeleVue eyepieces. The Televue 2X Barlow is an achromatic system, but the design gives better color correction over its competitors at the edge of field. Optically corrected down to f/4 for use with fast f/ratio reflectors, the Televue 2X Barlow is parfocal with TeleVue Plossls under 32mm, and provides excellent performance with any scope type.

The Televue 2X Barlow - 1.25" is fully multi-coated, with blackened lens edges and internal anti-reflection threading for excellent contrast. Its 3.75" length allows the TeleVue 2X Barlow to be used in star diagonals and what's more, the barrel is threaded for standard 1.25" filters. 

Televue 2X Barlow - 1.25" Features


Lens Type2X Barlow
ManufacturerTele Vue
Optical CoatingsBlackened Lens Edges
Warranty90 Day


  • Tele Vue 2X Barlow lens
  • Caps and original box
  • * This is an older Barlow without compression ring or captive screw *