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Used Innovations Foresight ONAG-XM Full Frame On-Axis Guider Unit Only - Sold

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Used Innovations Foresight ONAG-XM Full Frame On-Axis Guider Unit Only - Sold

The Innovations Foresight ONAG-XM is fully compatible with the previous ONAG-XT version. You can still use the same adapters and spacers you used for the XT model. This unit has been enhanced to accept full frame chips with sensor diagonals of up to 50mm. The ONAG-XM's scope and imaging ports utilize a 59mm dovetail system for a solid connection to the telescope's imaging train and imaging/ filter wheel components.

The ONAG-XM On-Axis Guider makes use of an advanced, inventive technology from Innovations Foresight. It features an special internal dichroic beam splitter (DBS), also known as a "cold" mirror. This is essentially an inferential filter. The DBS reflects visible light from the telescope to the imaging camera, passing the near infrared (NIR) wavelength that is basically of no value for the purposes of imaging, to the guide camera for auto-guiding.

The ONAG-XM features an integrated X/Y stage for your guider that offers a wide field of view for choosing a guide star. In fact, this unit can be used for ON or OFF axis applications, introducing your telescope's FOV to your guider. Furthermore, because there is no rotation involved for obtaining a guide star, you can reuse your flat frames as much as you like.

When combined with a large chip guiding camera, the ONAG-XM provides a rare opportunity for multi-star auto-guiding that is supported by some software programs with your primary telescope instead of a guide scope, removing any differential flexure problems. This is also a useful option for remote/ automated setups because it does not require manipulating the X/Y stage, simply keep it locked on axis.

The ONAG-XM also allows for real time auto-focus applications, keeping your telescope at ideal focus while imaging. This eliminates the need for intermittent refocusing thanks to Innovations Foresight's patent pending SharpLock technology.

The ONAG-XM uses an extremely rigid helical focuser for the guider port (GP). The helical focuser is connected to the integrated X/Y stage at the rear of the unit where the guiding camera can be found. The guide port employs a T2 (M42 x 0.75mm) male T-thread with a locking ring for linking to a guider camera.

Innovations Foresight ONAG-XM Full Frame On-Axis Guider Features...


  • Wide field of view for your guider with integrated X/Y stage
  • Differential flexure issues eliminated even with long focal lengths
  • NIR guiding provides reduced seeing and smooth tracking
  • No rotation necessary, reuse your flat frames as much as you like
  • Optimal for narrowband imaging
  • SharpLock technology enables sharp images with real time auto-focus while removing the need for constant refocusing
  • Weighs only 1.8 lbs.

Innovations Foresight ONAG-XM Specifications...


  • Dimensions: 123mm x 110mm x 70mm (4.8" x 4.3" x 2.8")
  • Weight: 0.8 Kg (1.8 lbs.)
  • Imager back focus: 68 +/- 2mm
  • Guider back focus, half-way extended: 101 +/- 1mm
  • Imager chip diagonal: Up to 50mm (full frame, 36x36mm)
  • X/Y stage, full X travel: 37mm
  • X/Y stage, full Y travel (excepted low profile): 24mm
  • X/Y stage, maximum off-axis offset: 22mm
  • X/Y stage maximum exploration circle: 44mm
  • Guider focuser type: Helical
  • Guider focuser travel: Minimum 9mm
  • Scope port: Dovetail 59mm
  • Imager port: Dovetail 59mm
  • Guider port: T-thread (M42 x 0.75)
  • Dichroic beam splitter coating: Fully multi-coated
  • Dichroic beam splitter protection (both sides): Optical grade quartz
  • Typical dichroic beam splitter reflection (visible): >98%
  • Dichroic beam splitter visible range: >370 nm to 750 nm
  • Typical dichroic beam splitter transmission (NIR): >90%
  • Dichroic beam splitter NIR range: >750 nm to 1200 nm
  • Anodizing: Black, low reflection
  • Guider port corrective optics: No


ManufacturerInnovations Foresight
Warranty Covered by OPT


  • Innovations Foresight OAG body as seen in photo
  • Caps included