Chroma LoGlow Light Pollution Filter

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This Filter Blocks Common Spectral Lines from Lighting Sources!



Chroma LoGlow Light Pollution Filter

The Chroma LoGlow Light Pollution Filters - Blocks common spectral lines from lighting sources:

These filters provide balanced color for the visible spectrum while blocking most emission from metal-halide and vapor lamp sources which together contribute to sky glow.


Sizes to Choose from:

  • 1.25-Inch diameter: Mounted in a threaded ring
  • 2-Inch diameter: Mounted in an M48 threaded ring
  • 31 mm diameter: Unmounted, x 3 mm thick
  • 36 mm diameter: Unmounded, x 3 mm thick
  • 50 mm diameter: Unmounded
  • 50 mm x 50 mm square: Unmounded, x 3 mm thick
  • 65 mm x 65 mm square: Unmounded, x 3 mm thick



Typical spectral performance is ≥ 94-percent average across visible pass-bands; Blocking is ≥ OD1.4 at  metal-halide and vapor lamp lines




Filter TypeLPS


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