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Celestron ThermoCharge Hand Warmer and Phone Charger

SKU : CE-48012

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  • Stay Warm During Your Travels and Keep Your Equipment Charged!
  • Fits Easily in Your Pocket!
  • Hand Warmer for up to 6 hours.
  • Maximum of 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Can recharge your personal devices.


Product Details

  • The Celestron ThermoCharge Hand Warmer and Phone Chargeris an Elements Series hand-warmer and smartphone charger, great for those late-night imaging sessions or star parties out in the cold. ThermoCharge is a hand-warming device, a great choice for keeping your fingers fully maneuverable and comfortable in all conditions.

    A Pocket-Size Rechargeable Heater

    To use the Celestron ThermoCharge, simply turn it on and firmly grasp it whenever your hand isn't on your telescope or computer. Enjoy the comfort of up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius)!

    Keep the cold at bay on a whole new level, as the aluminum casing and smooth silicone protective caps of the ThermoCharge Hand Warmer reach temperatures exceeding a hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

    This secure and durable heating unit's inbuilt 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery has power for six full hours of continuous use! The ThermoCharge Hand Warmer can be recharged through a USB port via the included cable. The cable is also capable of linking to most designs of cameras, smartphones, and MP3 players for recharging their batteries. (This kind of use may deplete the ThermoCharge battery's life for heating use.) 

    OPT Product Number: CE-48012

  • specifications

    CableUSB 2.0 to USB mini
    Free ShippingYes
    Power Sourceinternal lithium ion battery
  • included items

    • Celestron's ThermoCharge Hand Warmer/ Phone Charger.
    • Silicone End Caps.
    • Cable USB 2.0 to USB Mini.
    • Soft Carry Pouch.



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