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Celestron T-Adapter, Wide 48mm EdgeHD 9.25/11/14

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Accessories Added

  • Attaches directly to the rear cell of the larger Edge optical tubes
  • Produces better illumination for today's larger full-frame imaging sensors, all the way to the corners
  • Reduces vignetting–darkening around the edges of the image sensor–by providing unobstructed light to the camera



Celestron T-Adapter, Wide 48mm EdgeHD 9.25/11/14

The 48 mm T-Adapter is the accessory of choice if you’d like to attach your full frame DSLR or astronomical camera to a Celestron EdgeHD optical tube. With DSLR CCD chips getting larger, Celestron created the 48 mm T-Adapter to reduce vignetting and provide a larger light path to your camera’s sensor, producing exceptional astrophotos.

The standard T-Adapter for EdgeHD 9.25-inch, 11-inch, and 14-inch telescopes come with a 42 mm T-Thread for a 42 mm T-Ring. The smaller 42 mm T-Adapter truncates the light cone coming from the back of the EdgeHD optical tubes, which creates vignetting in the corners of full frame imaging sensors.

This 48 mm T-Adapter has a larger T-Thread opening, allowing the unhindered light to illuminate the entire sensor, optimizing your full-frame sensor’s capabilities. Below, you will find the difference between the 42 mm and the 48 mm T-Rings to give you an idea of the space the 42 mm and 48 mm T-Threads on the T-Adapter will provide.

  • T-Rings Threads: M48 x 0.75   (NOTE: This adapter will not work with M42 x0.75 T-Rings)
  • Flange distance: 91 mm
  • Outside diameter: 72 mm


Note: 2nd Image shows usage only. Telescope and camera are not included.



FitsCelestron EdgeHD 9.25"/11"/14"
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