Celestron StarPointer Pro Finderscope

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Celestron StarPointer Pro Finderscope

Celestron StarPointer Pro Finderscope
Designed to cut down on time spent finding the target, and increase time spent gazing upon the beauty of the heavens you've been searching for, Celestron's new premium finderscope, the StarPointer Pro, is designed explicitly for the purpose of astronomy. Compared to traditional red dot finderscopes that obstruct your desired target with a red LED light, the StarPointer Pro uses circular reticles that avoid blocking your target; instead of lining up the dot, you capture it within the circle- at which point it's ready to be observed through the eyepiece! Indeed; it's clear that the Celestron StarPointer Pro was designed by Astronomers for Astronomers- the reticles are convenient without blocking out your intended target, and can even serve as a measuring tool while star-hopping. What is more, the StarPointer Pro offers a 40 mm optical window with a broad field of view. It's easily attached to any telescope and secures easily with an ordinary dovetail connection and finger knobs.

Celestron StarPointer Pro Finderscope

  • Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Battery: 1x CR2032 (1 Included)
  • Red LED Circular Reticles make starfinding much easier


Accessory TypeLaser Finders
Free ShippingYes
Warranty2 Year Warranty

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  • How many degrees are each circle so it can be used to measure distances?

    Good day and thanks for asking, I, quite simply, couldn't find the answer to this in any reference I looked at. The practical way of figuring it out is to point it at a full moon. The moon is approximately 1/2 degree in diameter. That will give you a pret

  • Although your site doesn't show mounting options according to Celestrons site there are adaptors for mounting the star pointer on different telescopes. Could you tell me if I can mount the star pointer on my 5.5" Comet Catcher. Thanks Fred

    The included mounting adapters are made to fit the traditional "Vixen-style finder shoe" and bolt patterns Celestron has used on recent models. While I do not have one on hand to check, I do not believe that the Comet Catcher has either a finder-shoe or

  • I have a Celestron NexStar 5SE that needs a new finderscope. Would this be a good replacement/

    Absolutely! It will both fit and offer an improvement over the original, stock red-dot finder.