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Celestron Polar Finder for Advanced Series CG-5 Mount

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  • Ease of alignment on the stars of Cassiopeia or the Big Dipper for the Northern Hemisphere or Octans for the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Compatible with the Celestron CG-5 mount. VX Mount and CGEM mount.
  • No batteries to change!
  • One year Celestron Warranty



Celestron Polar Finder for Advanced Series CG-5 Mount

The Polar Finder for Advanced Series CG-5 Mount by Celestron:

Accurate polar alignment is an essential part of a successful night imaging and observing. The Celestron 94224 Polar Finder is just the tool to help you achieve that perfect alignment! Now, it's time to calibrate with the three included chrome thumbscrews to ensure the Celestron Polar Finder is accurately aligned with the rotation axis. Full instructions for this procedure are included and it can be performed anytime in about a half hour. Once done, you can permanently leave the Celestron Polar Finder in place and there will be no need to repeat. 

When you're ready to observe, just roughly polar align the mount and head to the machined dials on the Celestron Polar Finder. Dial in the appropriate information and you're ready to take a look through the 18 mm aperture polar finderscope where you'll see an etched reticle. Adjust the mounts altitude and azimuth controls until Polaris (North Hemisphere) or is located in the small circle. You're now aligned and accurate enough for long exposure guided astrophotography or your most demanding observing session!

Aligning for the Southern Hemisphere is just as easy. Simply rotate your mount until the stars of the constellation Octans line up with the reticle pattern in the polar finder. Use the altitude and azimuth controls to make fine adjustments, and you're aligned!

Celestron Polar Finder Features:
  • Ease of alignment on the stars of Cassiopeia or the Big Dipper for the Northern Hemisphere or Octans for the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Compatible with the Celestron CG-5 mount. VX Mount and CGEM mount.
  • No batteries to change!
  • One year Celestron Warranty


OPT Product Number: CE-94224


Accessory TypePolar Scope
Free ShippingYes
Warranty2 Year Warranty

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Joshua M.


Its a no frills polar scope, nothing more nothing less. Why it is not aligned in the factory is beyond me, it is an absolute PAIN to mess with the little hex key set screws that align the scope to your RA axis. Major downer. Also the lack of illumination makes it next to impossible to see the reticle in the dark. Had to shine a flashlight into the from just to see where to put Polaris. Wish there was an aftermarket solution to these Celestron polar scopes. Thankfully I only use it for a rough polar alignment. Then I complete my polar align using either SharpCap or the All-Star Polar Align in my Hand Controller.

Gary L.
United States

Celestron polar finder

Seems to be a very good quality item which adapted well to my homebuilt mount and arrived very quickly.


Worth every cent! (And then some!)

This finder makes polar alignment a breeze. While the CGEM mount is quite capable in this by itself the addition of the scope pretty much guarantees it. Packaging and shipment was right on and ease of set up and use really simple. I have not needed a lit etching for the location of Polaris as the star is quite bright through it, even before it's full dark.Great product, OPT!


Good, could be better.

Aligning the reticle was a nightmare with the hex screws. I swapped them out with thumb screws and it literally takes less than 5 minutes to align now. It's a shame they didn't think about the end user in this regard, the hex screws really are not enough when adjusting to keep the reticle from falling in the scope housing, easier to keep tension on the reticle with thumbscrews so that you can tighten as you loosen. But, the scope does what it was designed to do, polar alignment is easy as pie wit this little guy--once it has been aligned, that is.

Wes W

The thing sux

This thing was a complete waste of money. The reticle should have been aligned at the factory and the procedure to do so is virtually impossible to carry out.

Darren T

What were they thinking?

There is no reference other than the relative position of the Big Dipper and Casseopia which leads to a lot of subjectivity. Most polar scopes of this type also provide a location for a second star to ensure you're on the pole, this one does not so accuracy is, IMHO very mediocre. With a date circle, I think it would at least be more accurate. Also, it should come optically centered. The user should not have to do that. At 34 degrees north, how are you supposed to aim the thing at a land object without the mount falling on it's face. Seriously a v-block is easier and should have been done before the customer receives it.