Celestron OAG Wide Adapter For 9.25"11"14"

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  • Celestron OAG Wide Adapter For 9.25"11"14"

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    Celestron OAG Wide Adapter For 9.25"11"14"

    The Off Axis Guider (OAG) Wide Adapter For 9.25-Inch, 11-Inch, and 14-Inch Telescopes by Celestron:


    The Celestron OAG Wide Adapter was made especially for the Celestron Off-Axis Guider (#CE-93648, sold separately). When paired, these two imaging accessories allow you to use the full image circle created by a 9.25-Inch, 11-Inch, or 14-Inch SCT or EdgeHD telescope. This configuration is especially helpful to owners of larger format cameras, such as the Canon 5D Mark III or the 6D, since their full frame can take advantage of the more substantial area of illumination produced by larger SCT and EdgeHD telescopes.

    The OAG adapter has a clear aperture of 62.7 mm, or 2.47 inches, consumes 16 mm of back focus, and weighs just 4.64 ounces. It is machined out of black anodized aluminum and attaches to the large baffle lock nut threads on the rear of the telescope.


    OPT Product Number:CE-93652



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    • i just purchased your OAG but do not have the guide camera yet. I have the 11" Edge HD CGEM DX instrument, as well as a Canon T5i camera. Will I get any benefit from your OAG adapter #93652 with this combination. I am also concerned with the one commen

      With the T5i or other crop-sensor DSLR cameras, you will not have a vignetting issue with the stock adapters that came with the OAG and do not need the CE-93652 large adapter. If you are looking to get this adapter, please contact us first as we will nee