Celestron NexStar SE & Evolution Wedge for 6" & 8" Telescopes

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Accessories Added

  • A Wedge for 6 Inch and 8 Inch Celestron NexStar SE and Evolution Telescopes
  • Turn Alt-Azimuth mounts into Equatorial!
  • Provides smoother tracking for imaging
  • Minimal weight design
  • Large Adjustment Knobs



Celestron NexStar SE & Evolution Wedge for 6" & 8" Telescopes

This Celestron NexStar Equatorial Wedge was designed to fit the NexStar  SE and NexStar Evolution 6 and 8 Inch Telescopes. An essential imaging accessory for any NexStar SCT owner, a wedge eliminates the dual direction tracking of a traditional Alt-Az mount. It essentially turns your Alt-Az mount into an EQ used by the best astrophotographers! Say goodbye to field rotation! Engineered to be as minimal in weight as possible while still providing a stable platform for 6 Inch and 8 Inch telescopes, the NexStar Wedge is your ticket to incredible night sky imaging.

The Wedge enables long exposure astrophotography and autoguiding by tilting the telescope's azimuth into an equatorial platform. This provides the smooth-motion tracking along an arc around the polar axis necessary for long exposure imaging.

The design is hefty yet portable. It weighs only 15 pounds but can carry a load up to 36 pounds. It has captive hardware with a no-tool operation and easily adjusts under load.  There is a sturdy latitude adjustment screw with easy to read scale and an integrated bubble level. 


OPT Product Number: CE-93665



Accessory TypeWedge
Bubble LevelYes
Free ShippingYes
Warranty2 Year Warranty
Weight Capacity36 lbs
Weight15 lbs


  • NexStar Equatorial Wedge
  • 5 Hex Keys for Assembly
  • Attached Adjustment Knobs
  • Attached Bubble Level
  • 5 Hex Keys for Assembly
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty



Ask a Question
  • I have the NexStar 8SE will this Wedge make it unstable?

    The wedge won't make the scope more unstable than it is in Alt Az, but the wedge with the standard tripod might a bit. You will want to use vibration suppression pads and potentially strap weights to the tripod or spreader bar to deaden vibration. If yo

  • I'm thinking of purchasing a 9.25 evolution. 1. Will this wedge work with this or is there another wedge for 9.25. 2. Will the weight of wedge compromise the stability of tripod.

    No, this wedge will only work for the 6" and 8" Evolution scopes. The wedge you want is the CE-93664 CPC HD wedge: https://www.optcorp.com/celestron-cpc-heavy-duty-wedge-hd-pro.html. This heavier wedge will have no issues attaching the Evolution fork to

  • Can you tell me how much does it weight?

    Celestron states that this wedge weight 15lbs

  • Is the 1.25" barrel removable?

    Hi Pat, Yes the barrel is removable. There is a pressure screw on the side that will allow for this. If you have any questions, just give us a call!

  • Replaces 93658 wedge?

    It does and It doesn't. This wedge was designed to be used on Nexstar Evolution 6s and 8s as well as the correlating Nexstar SE scopes. Both have slightly different hole patterns.

  • I have a somewhat old version of the 6" SE - will it work with that model? Is this a new product offering from Celestron?

    I have an old celestron 8 orange. the support base for the telescope miss some screws. this product should be good to fix my telescope at the tripod basis?. thanks

  • I have a somewhat old version of the 6" SE - will it work with that model? Is this a new product offering from Celestron?

    Yes to both questions. Celestron brought out the new wedge just at the end of 2015, and it will fit the 6 and 8 SE as well as the 6 and 8 Evolution telescopes.

  • Does it fit for the Nexstar SLT 127?

    Unfortunately, no. The mount connection to the tripod is different between the two scopes, so the wedge will not work on the SLT 127.