Celestron Deluxe Mars Observing Telescope Accessory Kit

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Celestron Deluxe Mars Observing Telescope Accessory Kit

This is the perfect Deluxe accessory kit for observing Mars with any telescope that accepts 1.25-inch eyepieces.

  • Specialized Premium Mars Filter, designed to bring out subtle details in the Martian surface
  • 2x Barlow lens, doubles the power of any 1.25-inch telescope eyepiece
  • Barlow lens, has built in T-threads to attach a DSLR camera (T-ring not included)
  • #80A, filter helps observe Martian polar caps and high clouds
  • #25, filter brings out detail in maria and polar ice caps
  • #56, filter assists in viewing dust storms and polar caps
  • Hard plastic case, to hold accessories
  • Bonus - Mars opposition observing guide
These accessories are not only great for viewing Mars, they can also be used to observe Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, and many other astronomical object.


Available in early June, 2018 - Limited supply!



Accessory Type2x Barlow and RGB filters