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Celestron CPC Deluxe 11" Rasa Telescope

Brand: Celestron

SKU : CE-11012

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  • Celestron CPC Deluxe Computerized Telescope with RASA Optics
  • Rare earth glass: perfect color, coma free, and field-curvature free
  • This 11-inch astrograph was built for speed!

Product Details

  • Introducing the Celestron CPC Deluxe Computerized Telescope with RASA Optics

    Ultimate Versatility

    Customers and reviewers have hailed the CPC Deluxe an all-around top performer, equally well suited to a star party or a university astronomy course. The beefy dual fork arm mount anchors the telescope for ultra-precise tracking, but weighs just 70.51 lbs and includes rugged carrying handles to make setup quick and easy.

    As soon as you turn on your CPC Deluxe, you’ll be guided through our simple SkyAlign procedure. The telescope walks you through centering any three bright objects in the eyepiece. From there, it’s ready to locate and track more than 40,000 celestial objects.

    To customize your experience under the stars, CPC Deluxe is compatible with all of Celestron’s latest accessories. Add StarSense AutoAlign and your CPC will align itself in under 3 minutes. Or add the SkyQ Link 2 WiFi Module and control your telescope using a smartphone or tablet.

    With this much versatility, the CPC Deluxe is a telescope that will serve you well for years to come, no matter what you choose to do with the hobby—including astroimaging.

    Built with Imaging in Mind

    Most altazimuth telescopes are designed primarily for visual use, but not the CPC Deluxe. It offers all the same high-end features you’ll find on our German equatorial mounts. Out of the box, your CPC Deluxe can track accurately for up to 30 seconds without adding a wedge, thanks to a reengineered drive train with a 6-inch brass gear, stainless steel worm gear, and both steel and nylon ball bearings.

    Capturing impressive deep-sky astroimages is easier than ever with Celestron’s Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) V2, the perfect companion to today’s top DSLR or astronomical CCD cameras.

    This fast, wide-field f/2.2 system allows for shorter exposure times compared to traditional f/10 astroimaging, without sacrificing resolution. Because shorter sub-exposure times are possible, your equatorial mount won’t need to accurately track over extended periods. The short focal length also lessens equatorial tracking demands. In many cases, autoguiding will not be required.

    RASA 11 V2 builds on the legacy of Celestron’s Schmidt Cameras, which allowed astrophotographers to produce images with much shorter exposure times on film in the 1970s.

    Today, with CCD sensor sizes as large as film or larger, the RASA 11 V2 offers a 43.3mm optimized image circle to capture pinpoint stars on the largest imaging chips. Optical performance for huge sensors with diagonals of up to 52mm wide is still excellent.


    Combine this large image circle with a focal length of just 620mm and you have an instrument suitable for wide-field imaging, creating huge mosaics of the night sky, surveying, and even comet hunting.

    Optical Performance

    The RASA 11 V2 features optics with 4-element rare-earth glass for images free of false color and aberrations like coma and field curvature. The optical quality and spot size across the entire image circle are unprecedented for an astrograph in this price range—or even that of a much more expensive instrument. The design also provides minimal vignetting.

    Advanced Features

    RASA 11 V2 utilizes the new Ultra-Stable Focus System (USFS). At the heart of this system is a precision linear ball bearing. The bearing serves to minimize focus shift (unwanted lateral motion of the primary mirror during focusing which causes shifting of the image) and mirror flop (movement of the primary mirror when the telescope is pointing to different positions in the sky). The USFS is also compatible with the optional Celestron Focus Motor (#94155-A). The integrated 12V DC MagLev fan reduces cooldown time and provides optimal airflow through the dust filtered optical tube.

    Engineered as a complete astroimaging system, every component of the RASA 11 V2 is optimized for peak performance with DSLR and astronomical CCD cameras. Down to the thickness of the glass used in the included fully-multicoated optical window or optional imaging filter, every component of the system has been taken into careful consideration to work together seamlessly. The Dovetail CGE bars on the top of the optical tube provides a connection for use of optional accessories like a guidescope.

  • specifications

    Aperture279 mm (11")
    Back Focus72.8mm
    Camera/Eyepiece ConnectionMale T—Thread (M42x0.75)
    Corrected Image Circle43.3 mm
    Dawes Limit0.42 arcseconds
    Focal Length620 mm
    Focal Ratiof/2.2
    Free ShippingYes
    Highest Magnification558x
    Light Gathering Power1589x
    Limiting Magnitude16
    Optical DesignRASA
    RMS Spot Size4.4 microns
    Secondary Obstruction114 mm
    Tube Diameter330 mm
    Tube Length838 mm
    Tube Weight43 lbs
    Warranty2 Year Telescope Warranty
  • included items

    • Celestron 11-inch RASA OTA
    • 42mm (1.65") T-thread camera adapter
    • 48mm (1.89") camera adapter
    • Dovetail for top of OTA only
    • Fan battery pack
    • CPC Deluxe tripod
    • Accessory Tray
    • NS+ HC for mount, includes HC bracket
    • DC power cable

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