Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RA Correct Image Finderscope

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  • Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RA Correct Image Finderscope

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    Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RA Correct Image Finderscope

    The 9x50 Illuminated Right-Angle Correct Image Finderscope by Celestron:

    Smoothly align your Schmidt-Cassegrain or EdgeHD optical tube with the Celestron 9x50 illuminated finderscope, which makes pointing as easy and comfortable as possible. Its Right-Angle (RA) orientation reveals a corrected image so you can quickly locate your target object when it is directly overhead, so you don't need to strain your neck while aligning. Then, use the double crosshair reticle to accurately center and lock onto the object without it being obscured behind the crosshairs.


    OPT Product Number: CE-93781 


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    • Hello... Will this finder bracket fit a cpc 1100 deluxe? Thanks!

      Yes, the bracket on this finder is designed to fit the rear casting of any Celestron SCT/Edge HD optical tube from 8-14" in aperture. The holes are pre-drilled in the casting and screws plugging the holes just need to be removed and replaced to hold the b

    • Will this finder scope fit into the same bracket as the Celestron StarSense? (the "large" StarSense bracket).

      Yes, although it comes with an additional complete bracket, so you can put both this and the Starsense on an 8" or larger OTA at the same time as there are two mounting points.

    • What is the FOV with this Celestron 9x50 finder scope? Also, how much does it weigh and how long is it? Thanks.. Bill

      According to Celestron's website, this finderscope has a 5' field of view. it weighs 2 pounds with the brackets & it is 7.5 inches long.

    • Will this fit on a Celestron Evolution 6'

      The bracket for this finderscope will attach to the 6" scope if you fully remove the included standard red dot finder base.

    • Will this finder scope/bracket fit my Celestron 5 SE?

      Hello Dave, Thank you for your question. I tried this finderscope/bracket on the Celestron 5 SE that we have on the sales floor & it will indeed fit so you will have no problems putting this on your 5 SE.

    • Hello! Can I remove diagonal from this finder and use it with some additional adapter etc.? How the tube, diagonal and eyepiece hold together in this finder? The tube has standart T-thread or what?

      Hello, this is Steve from OPT. The diagonal can be removed by loosening the set screws but it's really designed to be used with this finder. The tube has a recessed area that's meant to be used with rotating it in the finder.

    • Is this illuminated RA Finder mountable onto Mead 8" SCT? If yes, what mounting bracket necessary?

      Katsumi, This is Steve from OPT. The illuminated Celestron finder will fit on the Meade 8" SCT OTA with its' included mounted bracket. You may need to find longer screws because the base is thicker but those would be very easy to find. If you want t

    • Hello. Will this fit an older Celestron C8? It's a black tube scope ca 1985. Has tiny finder scope on it now. Don't think it's on a dovetail base, think it might be screwed direct to frame. Unfortunately I don't have it here right now to check. Thanks

      Yes, this finderscope has a bracket that allows it to be mounted to the same holes that your current finder is attached to.

    • Can the Cgem dx mount be used on this

      Unfortunately, not without a custom machined adapter plate. The bottom of the CGEM mount and the iEQ45 mounts are very different and do not share adapters.

    • I have an old Celestron Nexstar 4 scope. At this moment it has a red dot Star pointer finder scope. Will this RA CI finder scope fit my telescope?

      Robert. I think the finder is a little too big for your scope. I have one I use for my 11-inch scope and my 9.25. and it works fine. The 4" Nexstar also does have the correct mounting screws on the back of the tube the tube like the bigger scopes.

    • Hello, can I use this focuser with a C8 HD Edge?? thanks in advance!! David

      Yes, this focuser can work with a C8 EdgeHD for visual and possibly for imaging. If you are imaging, you need to carefully calculate the backfocus and adapters so that focuser + drawtube + adapters + camera = 133mm. This focuser will not work with the 8

    • I wanted to ask if the Celestron 9x50 RACI finderscope will fit my Meade Classic LX200, using the existing mounting screw holes on the Meade rear cell. I see that Katsumi has already asked about the same question and was answered that it will. However, in

      It will work. The RACI base has slots that accommodate screw spacings of ~0.9"-1.6" wide.

    • What are the dimensions and shape of the dovetail at the bottom of the finder stalk? Do you know if this will fit into the dovetail base on an Astro-Tech AT8IN?

      Unfortunately, the dovetail attachment for this item is proprietary for Celestron's SCT finder scope bracket. It will not work with an AT8IN. It would recommend looking illuminated finder that can be attached to Vixen shoe finder, like the Stellarvue F05

    • Will this finderscope fit onto a Celestron C-14 SCT?

      Yes, It will fit your 14" SCT Telescope

    • Can this scope with right angle accommodate a 1.25" guide cam?

      It will reach focus with some guide cameras whose bodies are in 1.25" tubes (Lodestar-X2, ST-i, QHY5LII), but will likely not reach focus with other guide cameras that just have 1.25" nosepieces without removing the 90 degree diagonal.

    • Can this scope with right angle accommodate a 1.25" guide cam?

      Unfortunately, no. The eyepiece on this finder is smaller than 1.25" and threads to the diagonal, so there is no way to mount a guide camera to this finderscope.

    • Having recently purchased the 9x50 RACI Finder, can you advise: 1) What are the specifications of the three batteries provided - the printing on these are indistinct, and 2) Which way should the three batteries be inserted - positive to the switch end,

      Patrick, The RACI finder takes three L1131 batteries and the +side is aimed towards the LED. Thanks. Steve

    • Will this finder scope fit on an older model Celestron C-5 spotting scope? The original mounting ring was broken off. It has two screws holding the mount in place. Thank you.

      The bracket on this finder should fit on a C5 spotting scope as long as the mounting screw holes are between 1" and 1.6" apart, as that is the approximate range of spacings allowed by the slots on the finder bracket base.

    • Hello, will this Finder scope fit my CPC 1100 XLT?

      Yes, this finderscope and bracket will fit your CPC telescope.

    • Does this camera have cooling?

      Yes, the ST-7Ei has approximately -30 to -35 C delta cooling from ambient. This cooling is set-point, so you can set the temp to be cooled to in software and re-use calibration frames over multiple nights.

    • I just received this finderscope and got it mounted OK. I was surprised there were absolutely no instructions included, except to show how the batteries were to be loaded in the reticle. I've found nothing at Celestron's website either. Does anything e

      Unfortunately, what you found appears to be the only documentation that the manufacturer provides for this finderscope. If you have specific questions as to using this finderscope, please contact us and we can assist you.

    • Could you let me know the eye relief? Thanks!

      Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the eye relief in their documentation.

    • Will you recommend this telescope specially for astrophotography ? If so, what automatic autofocusing system wil you recommend?

      With the optional flattener, this telescope and mount combo are a great setup for astrophotography. Our Meade rep noted that the Robofocus and the Starizona Microtouch motor will work, though the latter might have just a slight bit of play in the motor m

    • Any issues mounting this great looking RA finder to a MEADE LX90 ACF 12"...? I would love to replace my current finder with this bad boy... Clear Skies from Arizona!

      The only issue is that the included mounting screws may not fit on your scope and so you may need to get longer Meade-compatible ones from a local hardware store. Apart from that, the bracket and finder should work.

    • Could this be mounted rail-down on a CG-4? Would the dovetail fit? If the finder and the focus were rotated 90-deg CCW, could you just spin the diagonal back to upright, or is anything on the OTA keyed to left-side mounting?

      There is no issue from mounting this optical tube rail down on a CG-4 mount, as long as your mount has the proper V-series dovetail receiver. The scope will have no issues with the 90 degree turn.

    • What is the aperture size in inches

      Hi Don, Thanks for asking. 114MM works out to just shy of 4.5" (4.488 to be more exact).

    • What size batteries does this use?

      The illuminated for the Celestron 9X50 finder scope takes a LR44 battery.

    • Can illumination be turned off? Thanks

      Yes, it can change brightness and be turned off. -Sean 760-400-0235