Celestron 11" F/2.2 RASA Schmidt Astrograph OTA

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  • Celestron 11" F/2.2 RASA Schmidt Astrograph OTA

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    • This 11 Inch Astrograph was built for speed!
    • Focal Ratio: f/2.22
    • Rare Earth Glass: Perfect Color, Coma-Free, Field Curvature Free
    • 43.3mm Image Circle
    • 2 Year Warranty!


    Celestron 11" F/2.2 RASA Schmidt Astrograph OTA

     This Celestron 11-inch RASA Schmidt Astrograph OTA is of the Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph Design

    The Rowe-Ackermann design pairs speed with performance. Based on the original Schmidt camera design, the RASA optical tube offers major advantages to astrophotographers by giving you a short focal length for relatively a large aperture. The result is a wide-field f/2.2 system offering the advantage of better apparent tracking. With only a 620mm focal length, exposure times are also greatly reduced when compared to traditional Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes. You'll be capturing better images in a fraction the time, without the need of an autoguider!

    As CCD imaging has advanced, large sensors have become readily available in increasingly more affordable cameras. While the imaging hobby has grown in leaps and bounds there has been very little changed in optical designs to accommodate these large imaging sensors. That is until now. The Celestron RASA offers an exceptionally sharp 43.3mm image circle. This creates such a wide field, you'll be able to fill even the largest imaging chips with edge-to-edge pinpoint stars with minimal vignetting. The Rowe-Ackermann scopes are perfect for creating giant night sky mosaics, surveying and comet hunting. Designed with 4-element rare-earth glass, images are free of false color, coma, and field curvature. Optical quality this excellent has been unheard of in astrographs within this price range.

    Advanced features like a custom engineered linear brass focuser bearing and FeatherTouch Micro Focus Knob allow you to make the fine adjustments you need to capture the perfect shot. Meanwhile, a 12V MagLev fan reduces cooldown time and provides optimal airflow through the dust filtered optical tube.

    Engineered as a complete astroimaging system, every component of the Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph is optimized for peak performance with DSLR and astronomical CCD cameras. Down to the thickness of the glass used in the included fully-multicoated optical window or an optional imaging filter, every component of the system has been taken into careful consideration to work together seamlessly.

    Includes M48 and T-Thread camera adapters and 2 year Celestron warranty.


    OPT Product Number: CE-91075

    Additional Information

    Aperture279 mm (11")
    Focal Length620mm
    Focal Ratiof/2.22
    Focuser Size2"
    Focuser StyleFeather Touch
    Focusing SpeedsTwo Speed
    Free ShippingYes
    Manual or Electronic FocusingManual
    Mount TypeNone/OTA Only
    Optical CoatingsCelestron XLT
    Optical DesignAstrograph
    OTA Length33 in.
    OTA Mount TypeLosmandy Style Dovetail
    OTA Weight35 lbs.
    Telescope SeriesCelestron RASA Astrographs
    Warranty2 Year Warranty
    • Celestron 11 Inch RASA Astrograph OTA
    • M48 Camera Adapter
    • 42 mm T-Thread Camera Adapter
    • 2 Year Warranty


    Questions & Answers

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    • Is this scope only for astrophotography? Can it be used as a visual scope?

      Celestron is still (as of 4/14/14) releasing information on their new RASA telescope. From product-images and technical information offered so far, it does not appear that the RASA will be usable as a visual telescope... it likely does not have a visual-b

    • At what point in time does Celestron plan to start shipping the 11 RASA to market?

      Celestron has no official launch date, but they hope to have the first shipments ready by May/June 2014.

    • Chris, do you stock the f6.4 focal reducer for the Vixen VC200L?

      The older VX-3868 reducer has been discontinued and replaced with the new VX-37229: http://www.optcorp.com/vixen-focal-reducer-vc200l-new-design-37229.html. This model is usually in stock and yields the same f/6.4 image scale with better correction than t

    • What is the diameter of the image circle?

      According to Celestron, the RASA's image circle is 70mm in diameter, meaning it will work very well with even full frame DSLR cameras and large CCDs.

    • What is the diameter of the image circle?

      Actually image circle diameter is 43.3mm as per Celestron website.

    • What is the diameter of the image circle?

      Actually, the optimized image circle for this astrograph is 43.3mm in diameter. Celestron erroneously stated the diameter of the corrective lens (70mm) in their initial ads , and that has created this confusion since. As it turns out, a diameter of 43.

    • What is the diameter of the image circle?

      Actually, as of 4-4-2017 the "optimized image circle" is listed as 43.3 mm. The 70mm # is the size of the last lens in the system. Go check it out on the Celestron website

    • Is there an operating manual available at this time ?

      Not at the moment, but Celestron should have the manual up on their site around the time the RASA starts to ship to dealers.

    • Is it possible to use a barlow (e.g., Televue Powermate 2x) between the RASA and the camera?

      Theoretically, yes, but it would need a custom machined adapter to space the Powermate out to the correct distance and would be putting a lot of strain on the thin glass corrector plate. Generally, this is not something either we or Celestron recommend.

    • How do you collimate this telescope

      If behind the camera adapter, where normally a secondary mirror would be on an SCT, there is a set of collimation screws. The camera adapter is slotted so that you can reach these collimation screws with Allen Wrench while the camera is attached to the sc

    • How do you collimate this telescope

      Just set your DSLR camera on 'live video mode' :)