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Celestial Atlas Menor - NOT AVAILABLE -

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Celestial Atlas Menor - NOT AVAILABLE -

Celestial Atlas Menor

The night sky can be an intimidating sight- infinite in scope and majesty, the countless stars shining in the heavens in all their multitude of patterns. Sometimes, you need a guide to find what you are searching for in that collosal view- and the Celestial Atlas Menor is just that guide. Intended to be of use to any observer- new or old-, the Celestial Atlas Menor works to a +5.5 Inch Magnitude limit for stars, and a +11.5 Magnitude Limit for celestial objects in general. This range of magnitude means that it is of use both for naked-eye stargazing, and for those using the more popular size of scopes.

  • 26 detailed star charts of the entire sky with 14 additional close-up charts
  • Comfortable chart scale that keeps whole constellations on a single chart (page)
  • Simplified constellation outlines for easy identification of patterns in the sky
  • Over 1,370 plotted objects (Deep Sky Objects: star clusters, nebulae and galaxies) and 360 double stars with 24 pages of descriptions. The Deep Sky Object magnitude limit is to +11.5
  • Stars on charts plotted to the naked-eye magnitude limit of +5.5
  • Cross-reference lists to find objects in constellations by type, designation or name
  • Bimonthly Northern and Southern Hemisphere charts for identifying the stars and constellations in most night sk ies
  • Tabs for the charts and listing of objects, and smartly placed reference pages
  • Messier Catalog of 110 star clusters, nebulae and galaxies
  • Caldwell Catalog
  • List of closest stars
  • List of stars with names
  • Meteor showers
  • Facts about the Sun
  • Moon map and observing information
  • Facts and observing information on the planets
  • Observing tips for all objects, including double stars and Deep Sky Objects
  • Black and white charts for use with red lights that preserve night vision
  • Greek mythology
  • Expanded glossary to define and/or explain terms and concepts
  • A standard and convenient size (8.5x11 inches) for clipboards, 3-ring binders and one's lap
  • Internet support for the location of the planets and other information