Celestron Microscope Kit

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Celestron Microscope Kit

This microscope provides powers from 40x up to 600x, with a 10x to 20x zoom eyepiece, and three objective lenses. There are even some sample slides to get you started! It's the perfect tool for discovering and learning about the world we can't see.

While the Celestron Microscope Kit won't discover the world's next greatest vaccine, it is a sturdy and durable tool for young, exploring hands. The included accessories make it even more fun!


Celestron Microscope Kit Features

  • Biological microscope with powers from 40x to 600x
  • 10x to 20x zoom eyepiece with high quality glass optics
  • 4x, 15x, 30x objective lenses feature high quality glass optics
  • 3 prepared glass slides, 2 blank glass slides, 1 hole (well) slide, rocks, honeybee wing, shrimp, light diffuser, needle probe, eye dropper, and tweezers
  • Weight 22-ounces


Celestron Product Number: 44121



Free ShippingYes
Maximum Magnification600X
Microscope TypeOptical Microscope
Minimum Magnification40X
Objectives Included15X & 30X & 4X
Tabletop or Hand HeldTabletop
Viewer TypeMonocular
Warranty2 Year Warranty


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