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Caelum Making Every Pixel Count: CCDStack Tutorial, Volume 4


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  • Making Every Pixel Count: CCD Stack Tutorial, Volume 4

    Volume 4 of Making Every Pixel Count by Adam Block explores the fundamentals of CCD image processing. In-depth topics on the elements of image calibration, reduction, and manipulation lead to completely worked examples...from beginning to end! Modular sections stand alone so that the data processing demonstrate a workflow that is easy to follow and understand. CCDStack is a clever and concise tool box for CCD imagers. It offers an array of powerful utilities including data normalization, rejection, deconvolution, re-sampling, interpolation methods, and conditional range adjustments that put you in control of the numbers and the results. By the end of this instructional experience, you will not only be able to use CCDStack proficiently, but also witness how creativity in your processing blossoms with the flexibility that CCD Stack offers. More than a "how to" video, this DVD (daringly) goes to great lengths to illustrate many of the "behind the scenes" concepts that will help the user make the best choices and know why they are choosing them! Inside you'll find:
    • The Philosophy of CCD Stack- a philosophically consistent theme-based program.(This section explains the framework behind the software and its use.)
    • Bit Space and Data Formats-Understand the language of the data. (Bit depth and format types are discussed so that users see the literal "value(s)" their data hold.)
    • A Tour of CCDStack. (No one is left behind in Adam Block's tutorials. A complete tour that shows the relationships between tools and utilities.)
    • Gaussian Blurs, Unsharp Masks, and DDP.(See how these algorithms work and the ways in which they are used throughout the software.)
    • Image Registration-A fundamental topic for image processing.(See how CCDStack handles getting things lined up!)
    • Image Normalization.(Ever thought you couldn't be bothered with this "mysterious" process? Learn how this step is a precursor to data rejection. This process is used many times in the workflow.)
    • Data Rejection Techniques. (The most complete attempt of explaining this topic in any tutorial. Data rejection is CCDStack's hand's down most powerful attribute.)
    • Hot Pixel Removal.(The second of three data rejection topics. Learn the ways CCDStack identifies aberrant pixels and imputes neighboring data to fix them. Get rid of those pesky pixels!)
    • Deblooming Techniques. (This final data rejection topic is a godsend for those imagers that use cameras that bloom. See CCD Stack's clever "missing value" substitution for blooms that works like magic!)
    • Deconvolution in CCDStack.(Sharpen up those images with two different algorithms- Maximum Entropy and Positive Constaint.)
    • Resample/Register Reprise. (This is a follow-up section to #6. A registration example shows the difference between nearest neighbor and bi-cubic B-spline interpolation methods.)
    • G2V Color Ratio Computation. (Get the color of your images balanced! See how to measure it in CCDStack.)
    • Flattening the Background. (Get rid of those gradients in just a few clicks of your mouse.)
    • Image Calibration.(A crucial section on the first steps of image processing. Leads to the final work-through.)
    • Processing. (No hand-waving here! A complete workflow demonstrated on the provided data of M96.)
    Note: This is a data DVD meant for display on a PC (Windows OS) machine using a media player such was Windows Media Player. It will not play on a TV or a Macintosh computer. Caelum Observatory Product Number: IMAGE-VOL4
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    Compatible OsWindows
    RequirementsWindows PC Computer
    WarrantyLifetime Warranty

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