Canon Binoculars - 10x30 IS II - DISCONTINUED -

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Canon Binoculars - 10x30 IS II - DISCONTINUED -

Bring the world closer and into focus, using Canon's Second Series Image Stabilizing IS II Binoculars to observe the full majesty of life! These high quality binoculars can be used to bring anything you'd care to observe of this world into a closer focus- ranging from the raucous roar of a sporting event, to the elegant display of the theater, all the way to the innate splendor of nature! All of these activities and more can be aided by a pair of Canon's Binoculars- which not only reach a ten times level of magnification at a thirty millimeter lens diameter, but are also stabilized digitally; using IS technology akin to that Cannon uses for it's camera lenses. This Image Stabilization compensates for hand-shake and other such contrivances that might usually throw off your image- allowing you a clearer view than is normal by far, with far less worry about an unsteady hand disrupting your view- rather allowing you to keep things nice and smooth with a minimal effort, without any need for a tripod of any kind!

And it's not just an exceptionally stable camera, either- nor simply versatile. The quality of perception it enables the user to view through it is simply splendid for a terrestrial binocular. Firstly, there's the anti-reflection Super Spectra multicoatings to speak of; designed to reduce light loss and directly improve image contrast- ensuring that what you see through the lenses is accurate as it can be. Then there's the Porro Prism design of these Binoculars- designed to provide a rich field of depth that permits you, the viewer, to perceive the relative distance between various items with a much greater level of ease than is normal. Adding to the effect of the entire setup is, of course, the doublet field-flattener which works to eradicate spherical aberration, as well as the wide angle sixty degree field of view that leaves the viewer immersed in their targets- making it feel like you've really moved closer, rather than merely staring through a piece of glass.

At the end of the day, these are a simply stunningly useful and well made pair of binoculars- and running on more more than a simple pair of AA batteries, it's easy to maintain once you've got your hands on it. It comes with a single pair of such batteries, and of course it's always easy to obtain such.

Manufacturer Product Number: 9525B002