Chandler Night Sky Planisphere 50- 60

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  • Essential aid for aspiring astronomers helps locate celestial objects
  • Makes it easy to locate targets without compromising your night vision
  • Viewed with use of a red light flashlight
  • Version for use from the 50-60 Latitude range of the northern hemisphere

Product Details

  • The night sky is a lot larger than it looks and using a conventional star chart can sometimes be very confusing to those new to the astronomy game. Why discourage learning when figuring out what's up is just as easy as turning a wheel? A planisphere is very different than a flat map. Rather than giving just sections of the sky, the David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere for Latitudes 50 degree-60 degree is designed to show you the whole sky as it looks from your location at a given time. Just set the dial to the date and time... And look at the magic window.

    Where you are on Earth dictates what portion of the celestial sphere you see. Conventional planispheres severely distort the sky near the southern horizon. The distortion results from trying to stretch the whole dome of the sky onto a single flat map. The Night Sky is NOT a conventional planisphere! No flat map can remove all distortion, but The Chandler Night Sky Planisphere eliminates over 90% of the distortion inherent in conventional 1-sided planispheres, making it much easier to read and identify! Sky and Telescope adopted The Night Sky in 1976 and has promoted it ever since. The Night Sky is widely recognized by the amateur astronomy and educational communities as the overall best planisphere on the market.

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    • One (1) Planisphere
    • Plastic Cover

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