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Baader Steeldrive II Motor Focuser with Controller


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  • Easy and precise focusing
  • Compensates for temperature
  • Adaptable to most telescope systems

Product Details

  • The Baader SteelDrive II Motor Drive gives precision temperature compensated focusing control for all Baader Diamon Steeltrack Focusers. 

    Main Features:

    • High-Precision Focusing for Heavy Loads - The high-torque stepper motor is directly engaged with the focuser via a timing belt. This eliminates the backlash induced by gearboxes normally used in lower power motors. This can quickly move loads up to 8kg with high precision at a focusing resolution of 2.5μm.
    • Intuitive Operation  - The intuitive hand control makes it possible to find and save the focus point very fast with several modes being available.
    • Contactless Homing Sensor - The Steeldrive II motor unit features a contactless homing sensor that is activated by a magnet attached to the moving part of the focuser. It enables a precise and repeatable approach to focusing with saved absolute positions.
    • Temperature Compensation - Two digital temperature sensor may be used simultaneously. One of each may be connected to the motor and the controller unit. For the automatic temperature compensation, the specific sensor to be used can be selected, or the average temperature of both sensors may be used depending on your needs. The temperature compensation factor is, for example, calculated with the SteelGO software and can then be saved locally on the Steeldrive II controller unit. 
    • 12V/1A PWM PowerOutput - The Steeldrive II features a 12V/1A power output and can be used with an optionally available adapter cable with common dew heaters up to 10W.
    • Low Power Consumption - The motor current is automatically reduced while in holding state and then consumes approximately 0.7W
  • specifications

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  • included items

    • Stepper motor with drive electronics
    • Timing belt
    • Standalone SteelDrive hand control
    • Thermo Probe with 1m cable
    • USB Cable (3M) for PC control
    • 12V/1.5A power
    • ASCOM driver and SteelGo software for download

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