Baader Micro Guide Eyepiece w/ Log-Pot Illuminator

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Baader Micro Guide Eyepiece w/ Log-Pot Illuminator

The Micro Guide Eyepiece w/ Log-Pot Illuminator by Baader Planetarium:

This versatile 12.5 mm Abbe Orthoscopic eyepiece utilizes a high quality exact laser-etched reticle for the absolute utmost in precision. Its may boast high precision tracking capabilities and an incredible level of usefulness for indirect guiding for activities like comet tracking It is a valid tool for double star angle and distance measurement, and is precise enough to let you take exact measurements of Lunar Characteristics through it.


OPT Product Number: BA-MGUIDE





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  • How do I compute the true field of view for the (MicroGuide 12.5mm eyepiece? Thanks, Roy

    You can either compare it to an astronomical object of known size (like the moon) or point the telescope at a star on the celestial equator. If you put the star on the east side of the eyepiece (you will need to watch the drift to find this), stop tracki