Baader Maxbright Binoviewers W/ 1.25" Nosepiece and 2.6X Glaspath - DISCONTINUED

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Baader Maxbright Binoviewers W/ 1.25" Nosepiece and 2.6X Glaspath - DISCONTINUED

Baader Maxbright Binoviewers W/ 1.25" Nosepiece and 2.6X Glaspath

Baader Planetarium holds each and every binoviewer they produce to absolutely stringent standards of quality- and it shows in these marvelous pieces of equipment, every time you use them. Used with a telescope to produce a different kind of viewing experience from standard monocular eyepiece usage, the Maxbright Binoviewers are a solid investment for any visual astronomer. Use of two eyes rather than one has notable benefits- such as a notable reduce in eye strain, more comfortable viewing, more natural focusing, compensation for floaters or astigmatism, and even the reduction of visual noise in images! These effects are viable and notable for both planetary and deep sky viewing, and certainly worth giving at least one try to in every astronomer's career- and either to give it a try, or to commit lastingly, the Baader Maxbright Binoviewer is an excellent choice!

This model comes with a 1.25X Glasspath Compensator and a precision 2.6" Nosepiece, both threaded for filters. Furthermore, all of the air-to-glass surfaces are fully multi coated, notably improving illumination and contrast. The eyepiece holders are laterally adjustable, and the entire thing comes with a foam lined carry case! It also includes new proprietary Baader metal die-castings, featuring re-designed prism seats made to the same precision as the Mark V viewer.

Other features include-
  • Interocular separation range of 53 mm - 74.5 mm
  • 23 mm diameter clear front aperture yields high illumination of all 2" eyepieces - even long focal length wide-field eyepieces.
  • T-2 System Modularity: The rotating knurled front T-thread ring enables the Maxbright-Binocular to fit all existing telescope makes with the shortest possible path length possible
  • Unlike the Chinese clone viewers, the Maxbright eyepiece holders are collimatable. This is an essential element to being able to fully collimate all viewers for work at high magnifications.

Manufacturer Product Number: BINO-13


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