Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism - Version "V"

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  • Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism - Version "V"

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    Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism - Version "V"

    The visual version of Baader's 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism is your key to finding the best white-light solar views humanly possible. This excellent tool utterly evades any level of image degradation while enabling absolutely safe full-aperture solar viewing. This Herschel wedge was designed as a superior alternative to traditional glass lens or film solar filters, and is by its nature superior in image clarity and contrast when compared to these kinds of solar filter. The Herschel wedge will show you far more detail on the suns surface than those more traditional filters, especially in regards to surface granulation and sunspot detail. It also benefits from a general filtration as opposed to a specific wavelength focus, permitting it to benefit from the attachment of variable modifiers such as the Baader Polarization or Solar Continuum filters to zero in on specific solar targets as desired.

    The Baader 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism makes safety a priority with an integrated Baader ND=3.0 solar filter. This filter is not removable, negating the potential safety concern of potentially unfiltered light being permitted through the wedge and making sure you will always be safe from the suns light when this wedge is installed on your refracting telescope. The Baader ND=3.0 filter was designed and produced specifically for use with the Baader Herschel wedges and is perfectly and uniquely suited to the purpose of safe solar filtration when used as a part of this Herschel Wedge.

    The Baader Herschel wedge uses a high precision 2" Zeiss Wedge Prism to eliminate stray light, ensuring that you only see what you're looking for. Contrast and image clarity are maximized by every facet of the Herschel wedges design, all coming together to provide you with a safe and enjoyable solar viewing experience.

    Safety Note- Very Important!: Do not attempt to remove the integrated filters from the Baader Herschel Wedge. They are nesascary for your safety when viewing the sun, and are the barrier between you and possible eye damage. Please follow the safety instructions provided with the Herschel wedge, and the further safety instructions available in this Solar Wedge Safety Guide.

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    • How is UV light filtered to protect the viewer's eye with the Baader Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism?

      The first prism surface directs 95.4% of the light including UV and NIR into the heat trap and cool ceramic tile and reflects only 4.6% toward the eyepiece. Then, an ND3.0 filter cuts the light intensity across the visual spectrum by 1000x and nearly cuts

    • Was wondering if this is compatible with Explorer Scientific ED80 Apochromatic Refractor?

      Yes, the visual Herschel Wedge is compatible with this 80mm ED scope as well as most other refractors up to approximately 110mm diameter.

    • What is the maximum objective aperture that the Baader Herschel Safety Wedge can safely handle? My personal scope is a 6-inch refractor but I would like to try it with a vintage scope that has a 9-inch lens and thus collects much more solar energy. What i

      As I'll quote below, Baader Planetarium has tested with refractors as large as 8". I would advise creating a sub-aperture mask for your 9", so as to reduce the amount of light both striking the lens(es) and reaching the prism. Manufacturer's statement:

    • Is this wedge compatible with the ES 127mm Apochromatic Refractor?

      Yes, although you may need additional filtration due to the larger aperture. Baader recommends refractors in the 90-110mm range, but they note that by stacking additional ND filters *after* the wedge (just in front of the eyepiece) and/or by adding the i

    • Do I need anything like adapters to use this on Takahashi TSA-102?

      As long as you have only the M72 to 2" compression adapter on the rear focuser and install this Herschel Wedge as if it was a conventional diagonal, you should have no issues safely and successfully observing the sun with this product and that scope. If

    • Any critical differences between the Photographic and Visual versions? Can the photographic version be used for visual observations?

      The two Herschel wedges are itentical except the P version adds a few additional ND filters that can be usefull to dim the sun further for a high sensitivity imaging camera. You can do visual observation with both versions.