Baader 2" BBHS Silver Mirror Diagonal

  • Baader 2" BBHS Silver Mirror offers exceptional reflectivity
  • 2" click-lock adapter gives you a secure fit for your 2" accessories
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Baader 2" BBHS Silver Mirror Diagonal

This cutting edge new piece of hardware uses high quality dielectric coating processes to gives optically superior silver an outstanding level of physical durability, making a substance that was once considered prohibitively fragile just as long lasting as aluminum. Silver has innately superior reflective properties, but until recently was too fragile for use in a diagonal like this. Thanks to Baader's impressive new processes this issue no longer exists, permitting modern astronomers to enjoy the benefits of optically superior silver. This allows the BBHS Silver Mirror Diagonal to perform at an all around higher level optically, showing the most exceptional difference in terms of contrast and reduced light scatter. Baader has taken advantage of new coating and durability technology to provide you the very best possible option in terms of optical clarity in a diagonal.

This top quality diagonal uses the same 2-inch Click-lock eyepiece holder that most Baader products do, providing the ease of use and security of attachment that is to be expected of Baader's fine wares. This enables the diagonal to clamp down incredibly securely without marring or damaging the eyepiece barrel, while leaving the eyepiece simple to remove with an easy and simple 20-degree twist of the rubber knurled ring. It is possible to uninstall the 2-inch Click-lock and 2-inch Nosepiece of this diagonal, and doing so will make 2-inch x 24tpi threads visible and accessible. This makes it possible to use this diagonal with Astro T-2 System parts to expand the possible uses of this diagonal.

OPT Product Number: BA-MAX-2S



Angle90 degree
Diagonal Barrel Size2"
Free ShippingYes