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ATS to Avalon M-Zero Pier Adapter Plate


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Product Details

  • This pier adapter Plate for ATS Pier to Avalon M-Zero Mount will increase the height of the pier by approximately ½-inch.

    The pier tube assembly is closed on top with an aluminum adapter plate. This plate serves the purposes of providing a rigid connection to the equatorial head assembly and stabilizing the top of the pier tube from flexure.

    Standard center bolt connections of 3/8" to 3/4" bolt size are available starting at $225.00. The adapter plate comes with a custom machined nut for easy assembly. Many manufacturers, including Meade, incorporate this central threaded rod type for equatorial wedge connectors.

    Custom made adapter plates can be manufactured to fit any equatorial head attachment design, provided the configuration allows for bolting to the inside or outside of the tube assembly. Custom adapter plates are available at an additional charge depending upon the machining required.


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