ATIK One - 6MP Monochrome CCD Camera

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ATIK One - 6MP Monochrome CCD Camera

The ATIK One

Based on a 6MP Sony ICX694AL monochrome sensor, the ATIK One CCD camera in exceptionally sensitive thanks to Exview HAS II technology. A mechanically indexed 5 position filter wheel offers hands-off precision. With a CCD chamber design, purged with high-purity Argon the ATIK One offers boosted cooling performance, keeping your camera stable and happy through almost any temperature change. Ultra-low noise means post processing times are greatly reduced. A USB 2.0 hub and power port for accessories allows you to operate your entire system with just two cables.


ADC16 bit
Back focus27mm
Bayer MatrixMonochrome
Delta T34°C Below Ambient
Dynamic Range12.2 Stops
Free ShippingYes
Full Well18ke
Mega Pixels6 mp
Peak QE77%
Pixel Array2749 x 2199
Pixel Size4.54 microns
Power Consumption12V 2A
Read Noise4e
Sensor Diagonal16mm
Sensor TypeCCD
SensorSony ICX694
Weight2 lbs


Ask a Question
  • What size filters? 1.25, 2, 31mm,36mm???

    The Atik One 6.0 uses 1.25" filters in its internal wheel.

  • What size and type of filters does the internal filter wheel accept? How many filter positions are there?

    The Atik One has a 5 position filter wheel that accepts 1.25" threaded filters.