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ATIK Electronic Filter Wheel - 50mm Round Filters - 5 Positions

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ATIK Electronic Filter Wheel - 50mm Round Filters - 5 Positions

ATIK is pleased to introduce a new motorized filter wheel, with multiple filter capability. This new wheel employs exchangeable filter disks, allowing for multiple combinations, and has large 54mm openings on both sides. With these features, the Atik EFW2 can easily support sensors up to full frame (35mm) format.

The Atik EFW2 also features a slick design, with a slim and lightweight profile. For example, the distance between any Atik camera and the wheel itself is 0mm, while maintaining the possibility to rotate the camera to any desired position. Total extra backfocus needed will be only 22mm.

On the software side, the EFW2 has an ASCOM driver, so that any compliant software can control it. Comes with Artemis Capture software, for easy, simple and efficient operation.

Atik Electronic Filter Wheel Features.

  • Closed design eliminates light leaks even in the presence of light-pollution
  • Central support maintains rigidity even when using heavier cameras
  • Magnetic sensors allow precise positioning without the use of LEDs
  • Battery power connector (12V Cigarette lighter cable) and 3m USB cable
  • Extremely affordable price!
  • 50mm Round Filters - 5 Positions

Please Note: Atik filter-wheels include a 2 inch nosepiece. For customers wanting to use this interface (2 inch slip-fit) with a focuser or visual back, no other parts are needed to attach the filter-wheel to the telescope. Customers wanting/needing to use a threaded interface on the telescope-side of the filter-wheel will need to either use M54x1 threaded adaptation from another source or the Atik M54/M42 adapter to reduce the interface to T-Thread.

Atik Product Number: EFW2-50


Filter OD Size in Inches50mm Round
Filter Positions5
Filter Wheel TypeFilter Changer/ Filters Optional
Free ShippingYes
Warranty1 Year Warranty