Atik 490EX Cooled Color CCD Camera

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Atik 490EX Cooled Color CCD Camera

ATIK 490EX Color CCD Camera

The Atik 490EX is the highest resolution Atik to date, and one of the most flexible ones. Featuring the latest generation Sony EXview HAD CCD II technology in an area over twice as large than before, this camera has an outstanding Quantum Efficiency, very low noise and excellent thermal management. This model is an ideal match not only for Hyperstar systems, but also most small to midsize telescopes used by astrophotographers. Its excellent sensitivity and the possibility of binning while maintaining high pixel counts, makes it one of the best cameras for deep-sky astrophotography, with unrivalled flexibility.

The Atik 490EX fully supports 1.25 inch filters down to f/2, so you won't need to replace any of your current investment in wheel or filters. This is an added advantage when looking to invest in a CCD camera that may go through multiple telescopes.

The Atik-4 Series cameras are a development of the renowned 3-Series cameras, featuring better cooling and narrower body. They benefit from setpoint cooling to make taking matching dark frames a snap, and simple 12V power requirement to facilitate field operation. The impressive sensitivity, great cooling and narrow profile, make the Atik Series 4 outstanding CCD cameras to use on modern telescopes, including Hyperstar/Fastar systems.

ATIK 490EX Color CCD Camera Specifications...


  • Sensor Type: CCD - Sony ICX814AQG
  • Horizontal Resolution: 3380 pixels
  • Vertical Resolution: 2704 pixels
  • Pixel Size: 3.69 micrometers x 3.69 micrometers
  • ADC: 16-bit
  • Readout Noise: 5e- typical value
  • Interface: Mini-USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Power: 12v DC 1A
  • Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited
  • Minimum Exposure Length: 1/1000 s
  • Cooling: Thermoelectric set point with max deltaT=-25 degrees C
  • Backfocus: 13mm
  • Weight: 14.1 oz.

ATIK Product Number: 490C


ADC16 bit
Back focus13mm
Bayer MatrixColor
Camera ConnectionFemale M42x0.75
Delta T25°C Below Ambient
Dynamic Range11.3 Stops
Free ShippingYes
Full Well12.5ke
Mega Pixels9.1 mp
Peak QE77%
Pixel Array3379 x 2703
Pixel Size3.69 microns
Power Consumption12V 1A
Read Noise5e
Sensor Diagonal16mm
Sensor TypeCCD
SensorSony ICX814
Weight0.9 lbs



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  • I own this camera. Are there any Adaptive Optics units that are compatible with this camera? I use a Celestron Auto guider with guide scope.

    The Starlight Xpress AO will work with your camera: To get your system adapted and spaced correctly with the AO unit, please give us a call or send us an email, we will be

  • Hello I have an EdgeHD 925 on a CGEM. For DSO imaging, I would be interested in finding out if this camera is a good match for Hyperstar on my scope, and if it would work well with my Optec Lepus FR 0.62X and celestron OAG? Thanks, Gene

    This camera would be exceptional for a Hyper star configuration! You would run into some difficulties using a Lepus reducer and Celestron OAG. The image circle is going to be too small for the pickup prism to pick up an image. To help you with this imag