AstroTrac AA Battery Holder -Discontinued

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AstroTrac AA Battery Holder -Discontinued

AstroTrac AA Battery Holder

The AstroTrac TT320X system will run off eight AA alkaline cells for around 10 hours. Alkaline cells can be easily carried on aircraft and also have the advantage of being readily available across the planet.

AstroTrac AA Battery Holder Specifications

  • Number of cells: 8
  • Cell type: Alkaline
  • Cell voltage: 1.5 V
  • Total voltage: 12 V
Please note that the battery holder is designed for alkaline cells, not rechargeable cells. NiCAD or NiMH rechargeable cells are typically rated at 1.2 V each, so 8 cells will only give 9.6 V, which is insufficient to drive the TT320X.

AstroTrac Product Number: BH8AA