Astrozap AstroCap Focusing Cap - 7" Maksutov or 8" SCT

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Astrozap AstroCap Focusing Cap - 7" Maksutov or 8" SCT

Astrozap AstroCap for 7" Maksutov or 8" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes

Unlike a simple Hartman or Bahtinov mask, the Astrozap focusing cap is a multi-purpose tool which allows for quick 'shutter-like' operation. Just turn the wheel on the Astrozap Focusing Cap to the open position for focusing, or turn it to the closed position to keep the dust out, or to image dark frames with your CCD or DSLR camera.

The Bahtinov focusing wheel can be easily removed and replaced with an off-axis wheel for off-axis viewing, or with an off-axis solar filter wheel for solar viewing on larger telescopes.


Astrozap AstroCap for 7" Maksutov or 8" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes Features

  • Simply turn the thumbscrew to the open position, and turn to close.
  • No plastic plugs required, and no tools needed.
  • Optional wheels for off-axis viewing and off-axis solar viewing available for larger telescopes.
  • Astrozap focusing caps are made from lightweight aluminum and powder-coated texture black.
  • This model is sized to fit a 7" Maksutov or 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope or dew shield with a diameter of 216mm to 231mm.
Astrozap Product Number: 408


Focuser DesignBahtinov/ Grid
Focuser Or Mask Size6" to 8"
Focusing Aid TypeFocusing Mask
Warranty1 Year Warranty


Ask a Question
  • Will this auto guider work on a telescope with a 2845mm focal length? Is there a better choice?

    This autoguider will only work with one of the older Starlight Xpress SXV cameras, which were phased out a few years ago for the SXVR and then recently the Trius line of cameras. First make sure that you have an applicable camera before considering this a

  • Do you need to remove the Astrozap cap for viewing/imaging? If youcan leave it in place does it impact the quality of the view and/or duration of the exposure when imaging?

    Yes, you need to remove the cap for viewing or imaging. If you do not, you will be adding obstruction to the image and throwing away something like 80-90% of the incoming light the scope would otherwise collect. It will create 6 pointed diffraction spikes