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Astrovid Wireless Controller for StellaCam II & 3 Video Camera


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Product Details

  • The Astrovid StellaCam Wireless Controller consists of two components: a transmitter handbox unit and a receiver unit. The receiver unit plugs into the R/C control input of your camera. Power for the receiver is supplied by the camera through the R/C connector therefore, the receiver must be connected to the camera before applying power to the camera. When powered on, the transmitter handbox unit sends commands to the receiver over a wireless RF data link. The handbox may be turned on either before or after the receiver/camera is on. Each transmitter/receiver pair are matched by a unique ID address, however the receiver unit can be automatically re-programmed to match its ID with any other StellaCam wireless transmitter.

    StellaCam Wireless Controller Features

    • Exposure / Expose Timer Display: Displays exposure time in minutes and seconds. Displays exposure countdown timer when selected by Timer Display Switch.
    • Gain Display: Displays video amp gain as a percentage of full gain.
    • Exposure Control & Timer Display Switch: Controls exposure time when rotated. Toggles display between exposure time and exposure countdown timer when pressed
    • Gain Control & LED Intensity Adjust: Controls gain of video amp when rotated. Controls intensity of LED displays when rotated while being pressed down.
    • Video Frame Read Display & Freeze Switch: Flashes green when a video frame update occurs. Turns red and freezes the current video frame when pressed. Unfreezes and starts a new exposure when pressed again.
    • Iris Control Switch: Enables or disables camera control over the iris of an external lens.
    • Gamma Control Switch: Switches gamma correction between Off, Low and High.
    • RS232 Data Port: Provides connectivity to a host computer using the supplied RS232 interface cable.
    • Power On/Off Switch: Turns power on or off when pressed.
    • External Power Port: Provides operation by using an external power adapter ranging from 6vdc up to 35vdc. Uses standard 2.1mm power connector with center positive polarity. Disables the battery saving timeout when external power is connected.

    The transmitter handbox can operate up to 200 hours on 2-AA standard alkaline batteries (depending on LED intensity setting) or indefinitely from its external power input. You can also use 1.5v lithium AA batteries for much longer operation. The receiver unit performs all of the camera control operations. It comes standard with an external 1.25 whip antenna but is optionally available with an internal planar antenna. The internal antenna version has about 12% less range than the external version, but may come in handy for applications where space is limited or a small cross-sectional area is desired. The receiver unit receives commands from the transmitter handbox over a wireless RF data link. All of the camera control parameters are saved in non-volatile memory so that when you turn the power on, the settings will be the same as they were the last time it was used. If the handbox is turned off or automatically shuts down, the receiver will continue to control the camera based on the last settings it received from the transmitter.

    Astrovid Product Number: WIRE

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