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AstroTrac TP3065 Portable Pier -Discontinued

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AstroTrac TP3065 Portable Pier -Discontinued

AstroTrac TP3065 Portable Pier Mount

The elegant AstroTrac TP3065 is the ultimate in portable piers created specifically for astrophotographers on the move.

Rigid yet lightweight, the AstroTrac TP3065 Portable Pier Mount provides the ideal platform for your AstroTrac tracking mount and wedge.

Uniquely, the patent pending AstroTrac Portable Pier Mount collapses down and packs inside itself, making it easy to carry in the specially designed optional shoulder bag.

The compact and lightweight The AstroTrac Portable Pier Mount gives you the solid platform your need for trail free images.

The aerospace grade aluminum main column is held rigidly upright by three stainless steel tension cables.

It takes just a few seconds to hand tighten the tension cables using the specially designed AstroTrac stainless steel tensioners.

If you need additional stability, simply fill your pier with sand bags, stones or the AstroTrac water bag.

Just pack and go! You'll love the way the pier's legs and your AstroTrac TT320X pack away into the provided leg roll which in turn packs away inside the main pier column, together with your wedge and polar scope. The result is an easy to carry 6" diameter tube which can easily be stowed on the back seat of your car or carried on an airplane.

The AstroTrac TP3065 Portable Pier Mount provides the perfect protection for your AstroTrac TW3100 Wedge whilst traveling. Leave your wedge attached to the pier top plate, flip it upside down so its safely inside the pier, and secure the top plate onto the pier.

The AstroTrac TP3065 Portable Pier Mount provides flexible mounting options. The top mounting plate comes pre-drilled ready to attach your AstroTrac TW3100 Wedge, Manfrotto 410 Geared head, or other mount.

Conveniently located holes in the top and bottom plates allow you to pass your USB data and 12 V power cables through the pier preventing tangling.

The AstroTrac Portable Pier Mount has been expedition tested under real conditions! You don't need to worry about leaving your pier out overnight thanks to the all aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel and brass construction. The anodized aluminum top plate and leg stubs are highly wear resistant and the main column is powder coated for maximum toughness.

Take rough terrain in your stride. Leveling your TP3065 is made easy with individually adjustable feet. A large thumbwheel makes it effortless to adjust each foot in and out even when fully loaded. For added security you can lock each foot in position by tightening the locking screw in the top of the foot.

AstroTrac TP3065 Portable Pier Mount Specifications

  • Load capacity: 15 kg (33 lb)
  • Weight: 5.9 kg (13 lb)
  • Packed diameter: 150 mm (6")
  • Packed length: 750 mm (29.5")
  • Height: 1000 mm (39.4")
  • Mounting plate: 1 x central 10 mm hole.
  • 6 equally spaced metric 10 mm holes on 50 mm diameter circle.
  • 6 equally spaced metric 8 mm holes on 85 mm diameter circle.
  • 3 USB plug sized cable slots
Astrotrac Product Number: TP3065